WWE 2K23 guide: How to unlock “Showcase of the Immortals” and Ezekiel? 

Unlock the legends of WWE 2K23 and create your own wrestling legacy (Image via TheRealTwitch/ You Tube)
Unlock the legends of WWE 2K23 and create your own wrestling legacy (Image via TheRealTwitch/ You Tube)

To the players' delight, WWE 2K23's extensive roster boasts 178 excellent wrestlers. Among them include 40 new additions who have made their debut.

You’ll have to win wrestling matches in the ring to earn yourself some hard-earned Virtual Currency to start unlocking wrestlers one after the other.

The title's in-game store has legendary icons of the bygone era, such as Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker’s 98 version, the Ultimate Warrior, and more.


So, start winning matches in the ring to unlock spectacular wrestlers for your collection. Each wrestler in the game store costs 1000 Virtual Currency.

However, there’s a different gaming mode through which you must unlock a few other legendary household names in the WWE Universe. This includes ECW Champion and John Cena’s ally when he first entered the WWE scene – Ezekiel.

Here’s how you can unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23


You’ll only be able to unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23 through the MyRise Mode. MyRise is basically a campaign mode that lets you create your own male/female superstar and rise through the ranks to carve out your own wrestling legacy.

Create your new wrestler, and make decisions along the way to get a chance to unlock these three superstars:

  • Mighty Molly: All you need to do is play MyRise mode to unlock her
  • Jean-Paul Levesque: Play MyRise to unlock him.
  • Ezekiel: Offer your help to John Cena on social media, then proceed towards the “Showcase of the Immortals" match and win it to unlock Ezekiel.

The three mentioned above are the only wrestlers that can be unlocked through the MyRise mode.


Besides the MyRise mode, players get to unlock a ton of specific versions of superstars, which includes the likes of Edge’s iconic 06 form, Brock Lesnar’s 2014 appearance, and more through winning certain historical matches in the Showcase Mode.

This year's WWE title is centered around the career of John Cena, and through Showcase Mode, you can relive some of his iconic encounters. Winning each encounter unlocks specific models of wrestlers.

How do we unlock all superstars in WWE 2K23?

Overall, you can unlock superstars using different methods in WWE 2K23.

  1. By winning matches in the ring and collecting Virtual Currency. You can later spend 1000 VC in the in-game store.
  2. By winning legendary encounters of John Cena’s career in Showcase Mode.
  3. By creating your own superstar and completing certain objectives in the MyRise mode.

That concludes our brief walkthrough on unlocking Ezekiel and the rest of the superstars in WWE 2K23. Check Sportskeeda’s other related content in the WWE 2K universe and the rest of the gaming world.

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