WWE 2K23 'Online not working' issue: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

How to fix WWE 2K23 online multiplayer not working? (Image via 2K Games)
How to fix WWE 2K23 online multiplayer not working? (Image via 2K Games)

Unable to enjoy online play in WWE 2K23? Ever since its highly anticipated launch on March 14, 2023, several players have reported issues with the game’s online multiplayer mode, which lets friends challenge each other in thrilling wrestling brawls.

WWE 2K23 supports up to eight players in its online multiplayer experience and also offers a local (Couch Co-op) mode for up to four players. Console users require an additional subscription for online play — Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate for Xbox users and PlayStation Plus for PlayStation users. PC users can access online play at no extra cost.

If you are unable to access online play despite having subscribed to a valid plan, this article will help decode the problem through workarounds.

How to fix 'WWE 2K23 online multiplayer not working' issue


The most common reason behind WWE 2K23’s “online not working” issue is a network error. This can also be caused by a server hiccup on the developer’s side. However, the issue can have causes spanning beyond a network or server glitch.

You can try the following workarounds to tackle the error.

1) Check your internet connection

First and foremost, make sure your network connection isn’t acting out or absent in totality. A stable internet line is required to enjoy online play in WWE 2K23.


Perform a ping or internet speed test to determine whether a fluctuating network connection is causing the issue. If so, try the following:

  • If using a wireless network, restart your router and modem.
  • Try switching to a direct/ethernet connection, which is generally more stable than Wi-Fi.
  • Switch to a gaming-friendly DNS. The most popular one happens to be Google’s.
  • Shut down resource-heavy background applications which may hog the network bandwidth.

If none of the aforementioned tips help, talk to your ISP about ways to tackle an unstable or absent connection.

2) Reset your network drivers (PC only)

This can help resolve an undetected network conflict. To do so, open Windows settings, go to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings, and choose Network Reset.

Once the process is complete, make sure to restart your system before attempting to access the online multiplayer mode in WWE 2K23.

3) Check WWE 2K23’s servers

Players can check for prevailing maintenance periods or ongoing issues related to the game’s servers. 2K has put up an official server status page for the title and offers regular game-related updates on the game's Twitter page.

Alternatively, fans may experience random downtime or a server bug, which may not be acknowledged by the developers. In this case, they can ask friends or look for tweets or opinions that share similar concerns.

If others are facing the same issue as you, it’s likely an internal error and you’ll have to wait until it subsides or is addressed.

4) Windows Firewall may block some of WWE 2K23’s features

Those who rely on Windows Defender to protect their system from threats may face an issue where the firewall blocks certain features in applications. To fix this, open the Start menu, type “Firewall & Network Protection” in the search bar, and open it.

Next, click on the “Allow an app through the firewall” option and check if the game’s executable and the 2K launcher are allowed through the firewall. Similarly, if you are using a third-party anti-virus, make sure to check its firewall settings.

5) Update the game


Ensure that WWE 2K23 is up-to-date on your system. Outdated game files will retain old issues and may prevent you from enjoying the online multiplayer experience.

If none of the aforementioned fixes work for you, submit a support ticket and a 2K agent should get back to you with a tailored solution.

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