xQc requests GTA RP server admin to unban him, says he is addicted but trying to improve

xQc requests GTA RP server admin to unban him (Image via xQcOW)
xQc requests GTA RP server admin to unban him (Image via xQcOW)
Matthew Wilkins

Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc, came under fire once again after he was booted and banned for the 4th and perhaps final time from the GTA RP server, NoPixel. Speaking to his fans during a live stream, he argued his case and explained why he doesn't care that he was handed a 30-day NoPixel ban.

For the uninitiated, Grand Theft Auto V's NoPixel RP server is the most popular GTA RP server in existence. The community consists of streamers and fans, and is home to millions of monthly viewers. Run under the strict guidance of Koil and Arachnea, NoPixel is a place for no-nonsense GTA RP gaming.

Despite having three previous bans from NoPixel, xQc during a live stream broke down the issue and addressed why he was banned for the 4th time. He stated that he "genuinely feels that he doesn't deserve it." He quotes,

"For the first time, I genuinely feel that I don't deserve it, so I don't really care. I'm gonna be honest chat, the reason why I'm banned, they're pretty made up. If I tell you guys what it is, you'll think I'm lying. The main reasons why I'm banned are: first, talking about the police guy's ticket when he arrested me; second, dropping the gun when I'm dead, which I don't think is a problem; and third, abusing vehicle scuff."

xQc requests GTA RP server admin to unban him

xQc had also stated that he would not be contesting the new ban. He mentioned at the beginning of the video that he genuinely felt he didn't deserve it. However, on a more recent live stream, xQc opened up to Koil and asked him if he could be unbanned from NoPixel.

Here's how he put it:

"Can you please do it, man (unban)? I know I'm addicted but who isn't? It's a fun game you know. If I don't play for a month, I'll be so far distance that I'll forget about it (GTA V). Well, you know, I was doing better man. I was actually improving. I was containing the hot magma. I was improving. I was doing great."


While it was clear that xQc was sorry for what he had done, many fans and followers took to Twitter to call out NoPixel's admins for being biased.

Based on the Tweets by numerous fans, the ban was not justified, as they feel that the admins were being biased; however, by the looks of it, xQc won't be returning to NoPixel anytime soon.

Hear what Koil (NoPixel owner) had to say about xQc:


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