xQc reveals the horrid state of his PC, fans urge him to clean it

xQc showed the dust-filled inside of his PC on stream (Image via Twitter)
xQc showed the dust-filled inside of his PC on stream (Image via Twitter)
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On a recent Twitch livestream, Felix “xQc” gave viewers a glimpse inside his PC. Most were horrified by what they saw.

During a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream, xQc was experiencing technical difficulties. He used his webcam to show his viewers the problems he was experiencing with his PC, but what got fans talking was the poor condition of his gaming rig.

While explaining that his PCI-E connectors were flashing red at one point, the poor cable management and accumulation of dust inside his PC caught the viewers' eyes. Viewers on his chat were astonished and questioned when was the last time he cleaned his PC, pointing to the dust being the cause of his technical issues.

“These three were all flashing red.”

Is the condition of xQc’s PC hazardous?

Upon first glance, there is a significant amount of dust built up inside the glass case of the popular streamer's PC. Dust builds up inside computers because they suck in the air to keep their internal parts cool. This dust builds up on the cooling fans and the components inside the PC.

Too much dust buildup in the exhaust fan can prevent the system from properly cooling itself, potentially causing the components to overheat and setting fire to any dust buildup. The Twitch star revealed that he was experiencing trouble with his PC fans, blaming the computer’s power supply.

“My PSU is definitely broken, by the way. My fans are going in and out.”

While it may be unlikely that his rig will suddenly burst into flames on the stream, the popular streamer could stand to clean it out. Prevention is key.

Fans react to the streamer’s PC and toe

Longtime fans of xQc are aware that his living conditions aren’t exactly the most sanitary. He’s shown on stream the poor condition of his desk and room in the past, so some fans were unsurprised by the state his PC was in.

While the majority of the comments were centered around the PC, some viewers were more fixated on the streamer’s big toe, which appeared to be in rough shape when it briefly entered the shot.

The streamer seemed to be aware of the reactions to his feet in the chat as he played it off with a joke shortly after.

“That wasn’t my toe. I don’t know whose toe that was.”

As one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch, xQc is certainly no stranger to memes and roasting on the internet. Either way, fans will likely appreciate a stream of him cleaning out his PC in the near future.

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