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YouTuber ItsAGundam roasts Pokimane for her Vtuber stint

ItsAGundam recently shared his thoughts on Pokimane
ItsAGundam recently shared his thoughts on Pokimane's decision to become a Vtuber
Modified 19 Sep 2020, 17:53 IST

One of the most famous female streamers in the world, Imane Pokimane Anys recently found herself trending all over social media yet again due to her infamous Vtuber announcement.

The 24-year-old recently made a highly-anticipated return to the world of streaming, post a month-long hiatus, and received a warm welcome from fans. However, barely did Pokimane return that she found herself embroiled in yet another controversy, which stemmed from her recent decision to try out a no-face cam and stream as a Virtual YouTuber, or Vtuber:

This resulted in a wave of dissent online, as several called her out for capitalizing on the Vtuber trend to make a quick buck. Others labelled her a hypocrite as she had, in the past, infamously made fun of YouTuber ItsAGundam for being a Vtuber.

The two share an acrimonious history as Pokimane is notoriously known for threatening to go after Gundam's sponsors. While they seemed to have buried the hatchet, this recent controversy has ensured that the two cross paths yet again.

The story of ItsAGundam and Pokimane

Pokimane's threat to go after ItsAGundam's sponsors is commonly believed to be the origin of her downfall, as it was these distasteful remarks that invited severe criticism online and led to her recent downfall.


Though the Twitch star seems to have done damage control with her recent apology, there still exists a group of skeptics who continue to label her as being a hypocrite.

This allegation recently received a major boost with Pokimane's Vtuber announcement. ItsAGundam is famous for his digital Vtuber avatar, where he seldom shows his face and interacts with his audience through his iconic character.

Pokimane had criticised his digital avatar during their feud in the past, when she made the following remarks:

"I'm so sorry, it is insanely hard to take this person seriously that is like dressed up as a VR person, not showing their faces, which you know what that's his choice."

ItsAGundam has now come out with a video in response to her Vtuber sojourn, and begins by speaking about how Pokimane's decision to become a Vtuber led to a barrage of memes and criticism online.

Speaking about her hypocrisy, he says:

"Well she did thrash the living hell out of me for it, and now she's doing it and saying she thinks it's cool and it's kind of like what?? You just said I was an a*****e! What the hell is this, talk about a 180!"

He then goes on to refer to LeafyIsHere getting terminated from YouTube and Twitch and makes an interesting analogy involving Pokimane:

"I'm sitting here thinking, this is like Game of Thrones. Poki's like the dragon queen, maybe she's going Vtuber to destroy the Vtuber community and by proxy destroy me in the ultimate Lex Luthor play! Or perhaps she's cashing in on the Vtuber trend that's blowing up right now."

He also speaks about a new trend that has emerged online, which involves art based on him and Pokimane:

"The best thing about Pokimane going Vtuber is the fact that we now have Gundam Pokimane fan art and fan fiction. This is art; this right here is what Marvel needs to save the comic book industry. If this is what comes from Pokimane being a Vtuber, then I'm all for it, keep making this stuff. I f*****g love it."

Check out some of the fan art and fan fiction based on Pokimane x ItsAGundam being created by talented artists online:

Image Credits: ItsAGundam/ YouTube
Image Credits: ItsAGundam/ YouTube

Ever since Pokimane decided to become a Vtuber, several from the online community have called her out for being a hypocrite, and cited ItsAGundam's example:


Despite ItsAGundam recently stating that the two had reconciled their differences, it appears that the former's fans are not keen on letting things slide that quickly, as Pokimane's past controversies continue to find a way to haunt her.

Published 19 Sep 2020, 17:53 IST
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