2024 F1 Canadian GP: Driver Ratings

F1 Grand Prix of Canada
Podium at the F1 Grand Prix of Canada

The 2024 F1 Canadian GP ended with Max Verstappen at the top of the podium with Lando Norris in P2 and George Russell in P3. This was an eventful and fun race where it all came down to the ability of the drivers to keep the tires in the right working window.

The drivers who made fewer mistakes prevailed as it was quite easy to put a foot wrong during the race. There were quite a few drivers who put together an impressive run while there were others that didn't have the best overall weekend.

How did each of these drivers fare? Let's take a look at our driver ratings for the F1 Canadian GP.


  • Performance in both qualifier and race
  • Results achieved compared to the potential of the car
  • Mistakes made over the weekend
  • Relative performance against their teammate

2024 F1 Canadian GP: Rating the drivers

Red Bull

Max Verstappen (Started: 2nd, Finished: 1st)

Rating: 9.5

This is just the kind of race that cemented Max Verstappen's position as the best in F1. He made a slight mistake early in the race and possibly would have lost the race to Lando if not for the safety car. Having said that, it was another instance of Max just making sure he doesn't make mistakes and results come his way.

Sergio Perez (Started: 16th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3

If Sergio Perez keeps this up, he's not going to last until the end of his contract. An abysmal show from the Mexican as Max was left to fend for himself alone at the front.


Lewis Hamilton (Started: 7th, Finished: 4th)

Rating: 6.5

When Lewis Hamilton tells you that he had a poor weekend, you take his word for it. He was off the pace from qualifying onward and never recovered. Getting overtaken by George was a statement of sorts and something that would hurt Lewis.

George Russell (Started: 1st, Finished: 3rd)

Rating: 8

There's just too much desperation in George Russell's driving for now. The driver needs to assure himself a bit more because he certainly has the pace to hang with the frontrunners. Overall, it was still a positive F1 Canadian GP for George.


Charles Leclerc (Started: 11th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 6

Just one of those weekends that are better forgotten. Nothing worked for Charles at the F1 Canadian GP before he finally called time on his race.

Carlos Sainz (Started: 12th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3

Spinning out of the race on your own is never ideal and it compounded what was a poor weekend for Ferrari.


Lando Norris (Started: 3rd, Finished: 2nd)

Rating: 9.5

Lando Norris could have won the F1 Canadian GP and he could have done so in commanding fashion. Having said that, he'd still take the second place as he continues to be a consistent performer on the track.

Oscar Piastri (Started: 4th, Finished: 5th)

Rating: 7

Oscar is more or less doing a brilliant job in the McLaren, but when push comes to shove, he's missing that final tenth of a second or two that ends up getting reflected in where he finishes compared to his teammate.

Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso (Started: 6th, Finished: 6th)

Rating: 8.5

Alonso was back to his vintage self as he pushed above his car's potential. The Spaniard finally drove within himself and got the points home in P6.

Lance Stroll (Started: 9th, Finished: 7th)

Rating: 7

A strong overall weekend for Lance Stroll. This was the closest he's been to Fernando Alonso in terms of race pace, which certainly bodes well.


Pierre Gasly (Started: 15th, Finished: 9th)

Rating: 7.5

There's a case to be made that Gasly should have been penalized for contact with Perez on the first lap. It was a good recovery afterward from him, but it's safe to say that he was the benefactor of team politics to secure P9, which should have been P10.

Esteban Ocon (Started: 18th, Finished: 10th)

Rating: 8.5

At the F1 Canadian GP, Esteban Ocon overcame what now appears from the outside a hostile team environment, a heavier car, a strategy that was at best a gamble at first, and even then he was in P9.

The French driver is showing impressive fortitude, but you have to wonder how long it will last.


Alex Albon (Started: 10th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 7

A strong F1 Canadian GP weekend from Albon as he looked set to score a P10 finish for Williams. Unfortunately for him, the collision with a spinning Carlos Sainz was something he did not have in mind.

Logan Sargeant (Started: 13th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 4

Another race of tricky conditions and another case of Logan Sargeant crashing out. A weekend to forget for the American.


Daniel Ricciardo (Started: 5th, Finished: 8th)

Rating: 8

The F1 Canadian GP began with Daniel Ricciardo getting brutally thrashed in the media by Jacques Villeneuve. It ended with the Australian scoring points. Daniel would be hoping for more appearances from the Canadian after the kind of weekend he had.

Yuki Tsunoda (Started: 8th, Finished: 14th)

Rating: 5

Yuki just can't afford the kind of mistakes he continues to make. That was a poor case of a driver losing control. If Red Bull was watching, they would not have been impressed.

Stake F1 Sauber

Valtteri Bottas (Started: Pitlane, Finished: 13th)

Rating: 6

Another listless weekend for the Finnish driver who just can't get anything from the car. It's not entirely on Bottas but if he can't show anything in the car, it does make it hard for the prospective teams to give him a shot.

Guanyu Zhou (Started: Pitlane, Finished: 15th)

Rating: 5

Another weekend where Zhou was worse than his teammate. He might be looking at the last 15 races of his F1 career.

Haas F1

Kevin Magnussen (Started: 14th, Finished: 12th)

Rating: 7.5

A missed opportunity at the F1 Canadian GP for Kevin Magnussen. He had a good run but just fell short in the end to score a point.

Nico Hulkenberg (Started: 19th, Finished: 11th)

Rating: 8

A strong race from the Hulk in the rain. At one point, he was languishing at the back but slowly continued to pick up the pace, and if there was one more lap he could have even gotten the better of the Alpines and scored points at the F1 Canadian GP.

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