2024 F1 Monaco GP: Driver Ratings

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Podium at theF1 Grand Prix of Monaco

The 2024 F1 Monaco GP ended with Charles Leclerc winning the race and closing the gap with Max Verstappen in the championship. The Ferrari driver has never had much luck in his home race, which made his victory all the more special.

The race was not eventful in any way, as Monaco continued to deny drivers the best opportunity to express themselves. Until Qualifying on Saturday, there were quite a few impressive performances from the drivers, while a few had a disappointing outing. Here, we take a look at how each driver fared at the F1 Monaco GP:


  • Performance in both qualifier and race
  • Results achieved compared to the potential of the car
  • Mistakes made over the weekend
  • Relative performance against their teammate

2024 F1 Monaco GP: Rating the drivers

Red Bull

Max Verstappen (Started: 6th, Finished: 6th)

Rating: 6

Verstappen lost a few positions as a result of his qualifying error and never really seemed at ease behind the wheel. It wasn't one of his vintage weekends as his mistakes proved costly.

Sergio Perez (Started: 16th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3.5

Getting eliminated in Q1 and the race not lasting even a single lap was a disappointing result for Perez. While rumors claim that he may have a seat for next season, his performances hardly support that.


Lewis Hamilton (Started: 7th, Finished: 7th)

Rating: 7

It was a good weekend for Lewis overall. He was just a tenth away from Russell and that cost him a couple of positions in the end.

George Russell (Started: 5th, Finished: 5th)

Rating: 8

George Russell beat both the Red Bull drivers at the F1 Monaco GP and shined the brightest for Mercedes. It was a decent outing for the British driver.


Charles Leclerc (Started: 1st, Finished: 1st)

Rating: 10

Charles Leclerc was in a league of his own all weekend. That pole position and the rest of the weekend helped Lelarc emerge victorious in the F1 Monaco GP.

Carlos Sainz (Started: 3rd, Finished: 3rd)

Rating: 8

It was a strong performance from Sainz as he was just a tenth behind Lelarc in the end in terms of overall pace. It was yet another good showing from the Spaniard and hence, questions on why he was replaced in the first place are bound to arise again.


Lando Norris (Started: 4th, Finished: 4th)

Rating: 8

It turned out to be a good weekend for Lando Norris as he was just a tenth behind his teammate. Eventually, that was the difference between a P2 and a P4 at the F1 Monaco GP.

Oscar Piastri (Started: 2nd, Finished: 2nd)

Rating: 9

It was a weekend that Oscar Piastri needed desperately. In recent times, Norris had received a majority of the spotlight and hence, there was pressure on Piastri to deliver. Piastri can now be proud of his returns.

Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso (Started: 14th, Finished: 11th)

Rating: 5

It was yet another bad weekend for Alonso whose performances have been on a downward spiral, much like that of Aston Martin. His performance at the the F1 Monaco GP was definitely not the best advertisement of what the Spaniard can do in an F1 car.

Lance Stroll (Started: 13th, Finished: 14th)

Rating: 5

Stroll was the faster Aston Martin driver but he was also the one who hit the barriers. It was a weekend to forget for Stroll and the Canadian will now be waiting for his home race.


Pierre Gasly (Started: 10th, Finished: 10th)

Rating: 8.5

It was a strong weekend for Pierre Gasly, the Frenchman who has been under the pump all season. However, the F1 Monaco GP went well for him as he was able to get off the mark.

Esteban Ocon (Started: 11th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3

The event was a disaster for Ocon as he first made a mistake in Q2 and then crashed with Gasly. Seven race weekends of extracting every ounce from the car hasn't gone according to plan and the team principal will not be pleased.


Alex Albon (Started: 9th, Finished: 9th)

Rating: 8.5

It was a strong weekend for Alex Albon as well as he was able to kickstart his season in terms of points. His performance would have been a source of great delight for him.

Logan Sargeant (Started: 15th, Finished: 15th)

Rating: 5

Logan Sargeant was possibly a few tenths behind Alex Albon. The F1 Monaco GP was an opportunity for him to show his prowess but he was once again a step behind his teammate.


Daniel Ricciardo (Started: 12th, Finished: 12th)

Rating: 5

Getting exposed by Yuki Tsunoda was not a good sign for Daniel Ricciardo but this has now become a regular occurrence. The dream of a Red Bull seat is all but gone for the Australian.

Yuki Tsunoda (Started: 7th, Finished: 7th)

Rating: 8.5

Yuki Tsunoda should be happy with how things went in the F1 Monaco GP. The young Japanese driver got the points he was looking for and had a strong weekend, one that he can look back at with immense pride.

Stake F1 Sauber

Valtteri Bottas (Started: 17th, Finished: 13th)

Rating: 6

It was another ppor weekend for Bottas as he struggled to impress and retain that seat in Sauber. The F1 Monaco GP was one to forget as the Finnish driver found it tough to extract results from a bad package.

Guanyu Zhou (Started: 18th, Finished: 16th)

Rating: 6

This might have been the last F1 Monaco GP for Zhou Guanyu. He couldn't beat Bottas and failed to prove why he should be picked over others. As such, it's fair to say that we're looking at the last few races of Zhou's F1 career.

Haas F1

Kevin Magnussen (Started: 20th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 3

Kevin Magnussen should be happy as he escaped a race ban after the F1 Monaco GP. The weekend was a terrible one for him and the lesser we write, the better.

Nico Hulkenberg (Started: 19th, Finished: DNF)

Rating: 6.5

It was a strong performance at the qualifying stage for Hulkenberg but his race ended early thanks to his teammate's poor run.

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