5 memorable moments of Niki Lauda in Formula 1

  • Niki Lauda is no more. Sounds strange, right? But yet, he leaves behind a legacy that's incredibly popular. But why's that? Let's find out
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F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain
F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

Niki Lauda is no more. The mere words bring pain and, a strange feeling, truth be told.

This is for the simple reason that Lauda didn't really leave F1 even as he had retired. Wondering how? This was evident from a simple strand of truth.

No other figure inside the Mercedes paddock seemed as cheery upon the sight of a Lewis Hamilton triumph, proving that in spite having not done anything physically to help Lewis win, he was there for him as also for the team.

For a man who himself was a triple world champion and heck, will always remain one, one wonders, how many can match his level of compassion and selflessness for a sport, including its pupil and heroes.

In the movie Rush, the character played by Daniel Bruhl says something rather heartlessly self-demeaning as Lauda, but still echoes the truth about who Niki really was: "God gave me an okay face, but a really good behind!"

How many today, it must be asked, can think of themselves from the perspective of being a pure racer, minus the glib and the fanfare that surrounds them? In an Instagram-friendly age where style often hijacks character instead of vice-versa, Lauda seemed to know a basic truth, that there was the only thing to him: racing, nothing else.

Now that among the most driven athletes of his time has departed but left us bereft of his mega albeit simple presence, let's rewind back to the Top Five Moments of Niki Lauda's career. So, shall we feel the "Rush!"

Last-Ever Formula 1 Entry

The 1985 Australian GP at Adelaide was Lauda
The 1985 Australian GP at Adelaide was Lauda's last ever F1 race

The home of the Australian Grand Prix today happens to be the Melbourne Park, Melbourne, in Victoria.


But back in the days when the sharks of F1 loomed large, in an age where racing was less about technology and as Senna had himself put it succinctly, "Pure Racing", there was the famous Adelaide street circuit.

It was here in 1985 where Niki Lauda would go onto drive his final-ever race.

But here's a point.

If you just think of it, it may take a while to recollect just a simple statement of fact that how much has motor-racing changed and aged- hasn't it, perhaps for the better or not, we leave to the public's discretion.

But in a season that was all about Keke Rosberg, the famous Finnish legend, often called the original "Flying Finn", the Adelaide Street circuit was also about the final-ever drive of a true champion of the sport- Niki Lauda.

Niki, although, didn't have a spectacular race, as he would begin from sixteenth on the grid and would race-retire due to a problem with the brakes of his McLaren. This would occur during Lap 57 of the 82-lap contest.

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