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5 most memorable moments of Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari

Dev Tyagi
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F1 Grand Prix of Italy
Kimi Raikkonen has the tectonic world of Formula 1 seen another incredibly loved driver

The common saying suggests, there are drivers and there are Finnish racing drivers.

Not since Kimi Raikkonen has the tectonic world of Formula 1 seen another incredibly loved driver; someone hailed as the Iceman for his unflappable nature and unrelenting abilities to focus on the main job at hand, i.e., going fast in a car, eschewing all the other surrounding hype.

There have been some extraordinary moments for Raikkonen, who happens to the oldest driver on the grid.

There have been moments where Raikkonen has left fans stunned by standing on the top step of the podium at the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and that too, in his returning year in F1.

And there've been moments where Raikkonen has managed to claw his way back to gain an unlikely win going to the very top having begun from seventeenth.

But these moments have come in a Lotus and in a McLaren, respectively.

That leaves us to speculate what might be the top 5 moments of Kimi in Ferrari.

#1 Winning the driver's title in 2007

Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix: Race
Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix: The Iceman rises to the top

Once Alonso had put it wisely when he said, "In life, the first dream is to become first a racing driver, then the other dream is to become a Formula 1 driver and, finally, a Ferrari Formula 1 driver."


In that regard, Raikkonen's colossal moment came back in 2007 when he won the World Championship in his maiden stint at the Scuderia.

This was an incredible achievement for a young driver, contesting in only his seventh season and it would see Kimi emerge victorious with six Grand Prix wins that season.

What was great about Raikkonen's win was his epic triumph against Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, two of the greats on the current grid, who had then posed a staunch challenge at the Finn, which Kimi was able to endure and get the better off.

To this day, Raikkonen remains the last world champion for Ferrari, a feat he'd garnered 11 seasons back.

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