F1: 5 of the most memorable Schumacher vs Hakkinen moments

Spanish Grand Prix
Hakkinen and Schumacher produced some spectacular action in Formula 1

Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher are two of the greatest Formula One drivers in the history of the sport. The former is a two-time champion, while the latter managed to secure the title a record seven times. During their quest for glory, both the drivers engaged in close, wheel-to-wheel action throughout the 1998 and the 2000 season, giving the fans plenty to cheer for.

Interestingly, this was a very unique rivalry between the two, as it hardly involved any incidents that brought down the value of the sport like Senna's deliberate crash into Prost to claim the 1990 championship. Both the drivers had tremendous respect for each other and shared a novel competitive bond, and in this article, let us take a trip down memory lane and look closer at five of the most memorable Schumacher vs Hakkinen moments from the past.

#5 Collision at the 1990 Macau Grand Prix

Many see the 1990 Macau Grand Prix as the place where the entire Schumacher and Hakkinen rivalry began.

In the F3 race, both the drivers were in a league of their own and built a considerable lead over their competition. Hakkinen trailed Schumacher for most of the race, and in the last lap, the German's unforced braking error opened up an opportunity for the Finn to take the lead and win the race.

However, as the Finn tried to overtake, Schumacher cut into his path, which forced a collision between the two. Michael Schumacher lost his rear wing while Mika Hakkinen spun, hit the barriers and came to a halt, forcing his retirement.

The German went on to win the race at the 1990 Macau Grand Prix.

Video: Hakkinen vs Schumacher

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Edited by Sai Krishna
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