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Kimoa, Everything About Fernando Alonso's Lifestyle Brand - Where to Buy, Best Selling Products and the meaning.

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Fernando Alonso wearing Kimoa sunglasses in Albert Park (Melbourne), F1 2018
Fernando Alonso wearing a

In March 2017, Fernando Alonso launched a lifestyle brand, Kimoa, with a few of his friends. The 24 Hours of Le Mans winner has added another label against his name and that is of a fashion entrepreneur. Apart from a full 2018 season driving for McLaren in Formula One and signing up with Toyota for a drive during the 2018-19 World Endurance Championship, the Spaniard has also been juggling his time to promote and expand Kimoa.

Why did Fernando Alonso name his brand Kimoa and what does it mean?

The origins of the word Kimoa can be found in the Hawaiian language and it relates to ‘sitting and watching the sun going down together’. It is aptly fitting because Alonso believes that the brand's idea stemmed from his and the other co-founders’ fascination for California, the beaches and sunsets.

Kimoa clothing exhibits the same ideology and most of their items seem inspired by summer, beaches and sunsets. The brand showcases summer friendly designs and colours in the t-shirts and shirts for sale. Alonso grew up in the North of Spain, extremely close to the beaches and it explains his love for the same.

Fernando has turned out to be a very hands-on promoter for his brand and he can be seen donning the Kimoa sunglasses, caps and t-shirts at most PR events. Some of these accessories and clothing that were seen during race weekends are for sale on their website.

Kimoa sell a wide range of products like clothing and accessories for men and women through their online stores. They are currently delivering to 77 countries online, 46 of which are European, and have been gradually expanding.

Enter capt
Alonso during the US launch of

Never one to let an opportunity pass by, the double world champion ensured a deal was signed between McLaren and Kimoa, making Kimoa the British Formula One team’s official swimwear partner from 2018. Accordingly, the brand name is to be featured on McLaren’s race cars, driver overalls and helmets along with Fernando’s team kit and driver cap.

The net-worth of Fernando Alonso is estimated to be around $220million and he was one of the three F1 drivers listed in the Forbes 2018 for the highest paid athletes in the world.


Fernando has looked to bring his experiences of racing and traveling around the world, and his love for the beaches together and translate it into a fashion brand that has a relaxed style.

For all the fans of the racer, this comes as an opportunity to get a peek into something that is very personal to Alonso and get to wear his own brand instead of something that the Spaniard simply endorsed.

Alonso did a commercial for Kimoa in 2017 and it can be viewed below. For more information about the brand, and for an access to all the products they sell, visit

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