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F1: 6 Race Leaders Who Ran Out of Fuel on the Last Lap

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Alain Prost pushing his car at the 1986 German Grand Prix

Formula 1 has given us some spectacular races in its long and illustrious history. World champions have been crown on the last races of a season while few races were won by a driver by overtaking his opponent on the very last lap. Losing the race on the last lap is gut-wrenching enough, no matter if it is a driving mistake, a crash or the other driver simply had a better car. However, a bunch of drivers had bad-luck written all over their Grand Prix win as they ran out of fuel on the very last lap.

Such a sight is almost non-existent in the modern Formula 1. However, the 60s, 70s and 80s saw a fair bit of action when the drivers ran out of fuel on the last lap. Let us take a long trip down the memory lane and shed some light on the unfortunate drivers who were robbed of a victory on the very last lap due to insufficient fuel in their car.

#6 Graham Hill - 1964 Belgian Grand Prix

Graham Hill

Graham Hill had a productive qualifying session and started the race from the front row along with Dan Gurney.

They both had a good start and battled for the lead along with Jim Clark at the top of the grid. In the latter laps, Gurney pulled away from the Briton and Clark and established a comfortable lead at the top. However, with two laps to go, Gurney headed to the pits to refuel, but his team had sent him back on the rack without making any arrangements as the team had none to spare. The American's Brabham-Climax eventually gave up and came to a halt on the last lap. Driving the BRM, Hill took the lead, but he too ran out of fuel on the last lap as his fuel pump failed to deliver the extra fuel stored in the front of the seat.

Much to the surprise of everyone, the two favorites were out of the race, and Jim Clark cruised to victory in his Lotus-Climax after starting the race from the sixth place.

Graham Hill was classified as fifth while Dan Gurney was classified as sixth. Hill finished the season in the second place, just a point behind his fellow countryman John Surtees.

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