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Jacques Villeneuve

Daniel Ricciardo is a better Formula 1 driver than Max Verstappen, according to Jacques Villeneuve.

The 1997 world champion knows a thing or two on how to be a successful F1 driver and it might be news Ricciardo would like to hear.

It has been mixed consistencies from the two Red Bull drivers since they partnered up in 2016.

Verstappen's first race for Red Bull saw him win the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona which made him the youngest race winner at 18 years and 228 days, replacing Sebastian Vettel after the German won his first race for Toro Rosso in Italy in 2008.

But then the 20 year old had to wait nearly a year and a half to pick up his second ever win by crossing the finish line in first at the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Verstappen then went on to win in Mexico finishing the season off with a couple of race victories.

2017 saw Verstappen out win Ricciardo as the Australian only secured a single Grand Prix win in Azerbaijan.

The consistencies have not been strong with Verstappen and Ricciardo which can leave some finding it difficult to pick which driver is better.

But in Villeneuve's case, the Canadian has put it out there and chose Ricciardo as the better driver in his opinion.

“Verstappen makes mistakes in every race. It happens all the time,” the Canadian told Sky Italia.

“It’s a bad sign. For example, Ricciardo was not at all to blame for their crash in Baku. He did nothing wrong.

“If a driver is constantly making mistakes, he must calm down and slow down. But to be at Ricciardo’s level, he has to take more risks.

“It can only mean one thing: Max is not as good as Daniel. Full stop.”

Do you agree with Villeneuve's argument? Who is your favourite driver out of the two? Have your say in the comments below

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