List of F1 Driver Deaths

Motorsport in general is one of the most riskiest sport in the world.

As with all Motorsports, F1 has witnessed fatal accidents since its inception in 1950.

On June 18, 1952, Cameron Earl was a victim of the first ever fatal accident while testing a Formula 1 car for English Racing Automobiles team. Cameron Earl suffered skull fractures as the car overturned and he died at the age of 29.

The death of Jules Bianchi was the first driver fatality in Formula 1 since that of Ayrton Senna on May 1, 1994 when the Brazilian legend's Williams crashed into a wall at the San Marino Grand Prix. Jules Bianchi died on 17 July 2015, nine months after the crash, Bianchi was in a coma as a result of crashing his Marussia F1 car into a recovery vehicle at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, and suffering a diffuse axonal injury, he was just 25.

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Bianchi's accident was very similar to that of María de Villota's testing crash in 2012. Although the deaths of these Formula 1 drivers were tragic events, they helped the sport to develop many of the modern safety devices and regulations that are used in F1 today.

In 2014, Formula One celebrated the 20th fatality-free season, up until Bianchi's accident in Japan. The 2000's remains the only decade to date in which no driver was killed.

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DriverDate Of AccidentEventCarSession
Martin BrainMay 25, 1970Nottingham Sportscar Club MeetingCooperRace
Ricardo RodríguezNovember 1, 19621962 Mexican Grand PrixLotusPractice
Chris BristowJune 19, 19601960 Belgian Grand PrixCooperRace
Riccardo PalettiJune 13, 19821982 Canadian Grand PrixOsellaRace
Shane SummersJune 1, 19611961 Silver City TrophyCooperPractice
Gary HockingDecember 21, 19621962 Natal Grand PrixLotusPractice
Roger WilliamsonJuly 29, 19731973 Dutch Grand PrixMarchRace
Jules BianchiOctober 5, 20142014 Japanese Grand PrixMarussiaRace
Helmuth KoiniggOctober 6, 19741974 United States Grand PrixSurteesRace
Peter CollinsAugust 3, 19581958 German Grand PrixFerrariRace
Charles de TornacoSeptember 18, 19531953 Modena Grand PrixFerrariPractice
Jerry Unser Jr.May 17, 19591959 Indianapolis 500Kurtis KraftPre-race test
Alan StaceyJune 19, 19601960 Belgian Grand PrixLotusRace
Mario AlborghettiApril 11, 19551955 Pau Grand PrixMaseratiRace
Eugenio CastellottiMarch 14, 1957-FerrariTest
Tom PryceMarch 5, 19771977 South African Grand PrixShadowRace
Piers CourageJune 7, 19701970 Dutch Grand PrixDe TomasoRace
Stuart Lewis-EvansSeptember 19, 19581958 Moroccan Grand PrixVanwallRace
Jochen RindtSeptember 5, 19701970 Italian Grand PrixLotusQualifying
Elio de AngelisMay 15, 1986-BrabhamTest
Cameron EarlJune 18, 1952-ERATest
François CevertOctober 6, 19731973 United States Grand PrixTyrrellQualifying
Pat O'ConnorMay 30, 19581958 Indianapolis 500Kurtis KraftRace
Onofre MarimónJuly 31, 19541954 German Grand PrixMaseratiPractice
Carel Godin de BeaufortAugust 2, 19641964 German Grand PrixPorschePractice
Brian McGuireAugust 29, 19771977 Shellsport ChampionshipMcGuirePractice
Lorenzo BandiniMay 7, 19671967 Monaco Grand PrixFerrariRace
Gilles VilleneuveMay 8, 19821982 Belgian Grand PrixFerrariQualifying
Bob CortnerMay 19, 19591959 Indianapolis 500CornisPre-race test
John TaylorAugust 7, 19661966 German Grand PrixBrabhamRace
Gerhard MitterAugust 2, 19691969 German Grand PrixBMWPractice
Wolfgang von TripsSeptember 10, 19611961 Italian Grand PrixFerrariRace
Roland RatzenbergerApril 30, 19941994 San Marino Grand PrixSimtekQualifying
Maria de VillotaJuly 3, 2012-MarussiaTest
Manny AyuloMay 16, 19551955 Indianapolis 500KuzmaPractice
Luigi MussoJuly 6, 19581958 French Grand PrixFerrariRace
Ronnie PetersonSeptember 10, 19781978 Italian Grand PrixLotusRace
Ayrton SennaMay 1, 19941994 San Marino Grand PrixWilliamsRace
Jo SiffertOctober 24, 19711971 World Championship Victory RaceBRMRace
Patrick DepaillerAugust 1, 1980-Alfa RomeoTest
Peter RevsonMarch 22, 19741974 South African Grand PrixShadowPre-race test
Bob AndersonAugust 14, 1967-BrabhamTest
Bill VukovichMay 30, 19551955 Indianapolis 500Kurtis KraftRace
Keith AndrewsMay 15, 19571957 Indianapolis 500Kurtis KraftPractice
Harry SchellMay 13, 19601960 BRDC International TrophyCooperPractice
Mark DonohueAugust 19, 19751975 Austrian Grand PrixPenskePractice
Giulio CabiancaJune 15, 1961-CooperTest
Jo SchlesserJuly 7, 19681968 French Grand PrixHondaRace
Chet MillerMay 15, 19531953 Indianapolis 500Kurtis KraftPractice
Fritz GlatzJuly 14, 20022002 EuroBOSS Series SeasonFootworkRace
John Dawson-DamerJune 24, 20002000 Goodwood Festival of SpeedLotusDemonstration
Jules BianchiOctober 5, 2014Japanese Grand PrixMarussia MR03Race
David FerrerSeptember 2, 2017Historic Grand PrixMarch 701Race

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