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F1: Fernando Alonso back at Ferrari?

Jamie Davies
5.32K   //    12 Oct 2018, 03:57 IST

Alonso celebrates after winning the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix
Alonso celebrates after winning the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

Scuderia Ferrari has missed out on another driver's and constructors' championships to Mercedes.

And for the second season in a row, Sebastian Vettel has failed to bring home the Italian team's first driver's championship since Kimi Raikkonen in 2007.

Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015 taking over from Alonso who would make a transfer to McLaren after the British team partnered up with Honda.

McLaren hoped their reunited deal with Honda would bring back race wins to the team and maybe even one or two championships.

But three seasons later and McLaren were in the same position as they were before the deal had even been agreed.

Alonso announced back in August that he was to retire from Formula One after 17 years when he was first seen on the track in a Minardi in 2001.

In those 17 years, the Spaniard has gone onto win two world championships at Renault, an overall total of 32 race wins at Renault, McLaren and Ferrari - stats that represent a successful career in the fastest sport in the world.

Back when it was the good times for Alonso
Back when it was the good times for Alonso

But Alonso's glittering career could have been so much more.


And with all the stress the 37-year-old has had at McLaren over the last three years, Alonso has put his foot down and admits that enough is enough.

Alonso's second spell at McLaren has been a one to forget
Alonso's second spell at McLaren has been a one to forget

Alonso currently has four races left in his F1 career and coming up is the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It is sad times for Alonso's die-hard F1 fanatics but many of them are not accepting his retirement just yet.

Earlier this week, an Alonso fan set up an online petition on for fellow supporters to sign the form for the Spaniard to rejoin Ferrari for a second spell.

The person in charge of the petition wrote a very passionate paragraph to try and get supporters behind the idea.

'Back in November 2014 the news of Sebastian Vettel joining Ferrari was made official. For some, this was a shock, even when this was the worst kept secret of the last decade.'

'Vettel had been having his worst season ever, and yet Ferrari was willing to give up Alonso. Who, as you all know, is considered as the best driver of this generation.'

'Four years later, both Ferrari and Alonso should look back at this decision with regret. Ferrari now has a car which is not only a lot more faster than in 2014, but can actually fight for winning the championship.'

'With Kimi Raikkonen far from the driver which impressed 10-12 years ago, and with Sebastian Vettel who did not prove he was able to cope with the pressure of performing at his best when needed, we want to see Fernando Alonso back in a competitive red car.'

'With him and another good driver, Ferrari could win both titles in 2019!'


It looks to be very unlikely for Alonso to cancel his F1 retirement plans to get back in the Ferrari garage after originally leaving the team at the end of 2014.

And Ferrari are already set for next year as Vettel will be welcoming a new teammate in the red garage of Sauber's young talent, Charles Leclerc, who is showing some promising performances in his rookie season.

Leclerc and Vettel will team up next season
Leclerc and Vettel will team up next season

Raikkonen will be rejoining the Swiss team where his F1 career all started for him in 2001.

It is a nice try from the fans of Alonso but it looks adamant the Spaniard will say goodbye to the racing series after a 17-year contribution.

Could you see Alonso cancel F1 retirement to rejoin Ferrari? Comment below...

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