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F1: Hamilton vs Alonso | A definitive comparison

  • A head-to-head between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso during 2009-13, when they had race-winning but not championship winning cars.
rehaan díaz
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:50 IST

Alonso scripted a rainy day masterclass in South Korea 2010
Alonso scripted a rainy day masterclass in South Korea 2010


Hamilton took the challenge of sharing the McLaren garage with defending champion Jenson Button quite well and finished ahead in points. He matured as a driver. There were stellar drives by Hamilton, regardless of the result. He was consistent, but the car wasn't. McLaren didn't have enough against Red Bull. Neither did Ferrari.

Alonso, ever the cunning fox, stole wins in Singapore and South Korea keeping faster cars behind him. Hamilton and Alonso both arrived at the season finale in Abu Dhabi with a chance of being crowned champions, but it was not to be for either of them. It went down as one of the best seasons of Formula 1 and the only reason that happened was that these two, and to an extent Jenson Button didn't allow the Red Bulls to pull away in their class of the field car.

Races won: Hamilton 3 Alonso 5

Poles: Hamilton 1 Alonso 2

Podiums: Hamilton 9 Alonso 10

Championship Standing: Hamilton (240 points) 4th | Alonso (252 points) 2nd

Published 28 Apr 2019, 11:06 IST
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