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'I hate the Senna Movie,' says Alain Prost

Alain Prost- Ayrton Senna
Alain Prost- Ayrton Senna's rivalry formed a key part of 2010-released biographical epic 'Senna'
Dev Tyagi
Modified 24 Apr 2019

Rivalries are to Formula 1 what driving on the edge is to an F1 driver. Isn't it? And that being said, few rivalries have defined Formula 1 as implicitly as the one between Ayrton Senna, a three-time World Champion and Alain Prost, a four-time Formula 1 World Champion.

It's rather fascinating that even today, decades after it scaled peaks and made headlines, the Senna and Prost rivalry finds a curious gaze and unbridled attention among the fans.

And why not? After all, the two icons of F1 boast of 7 World Championships collectively. What's more? During the peak of their powers, as seen in the late 80s until the early 90s, the former McLaren drivers- Senna and Prost- elevated F1 to a stature hitherto less seen in the glitzy highs of motorsports.

It's hardly a surprise that someone went to the extent of bringing on the big screen, a movie on one of the sport's greatest achievers, Ayrton Senna. To most, Senna personifies the 'fighting spirit' and the quintessential never say die attitude. To many others, Senna was so driven to win that he stopped at nothing.

Isn't it? And in that regard, it's not too hard to understand why in the 2010-released biographical film 'Senna' based on the legendary driver from Brazil, a dialogue stands out, when Alain Prost says, "there's a problem with Ayrton; he thinks he can't kill himself."

But even as the film that touches on the life of arguably the greatest F1 driver of all times (as commonly suggested), showcasing the trials, tribulations and the many glorious feats that Senna scaled, it appears that someone hasn't quite liked the film.

Wondering who? Well, truth be told, it's Alain Prost, Senna's fiercest rival and as admitted by the 'Professor', someone who respects the craft and feats of the late F1 driver.

In fact, Alain Prost seems to have slammed the film going as far as saying, "I hate the Senna movie, I really hate it."

But why's that? Well, apparently, the man has shared his own verdict on the Asif Kapadia-made film and share the following.

They could have made something fantastic. But it would have been a different story," Alain Prost told Auto Motor und Sport. And that's not all. He would further go on to add, "it's really a shame that after hours of interviews with many of the people involved, something like that came of it. In the end, it portrayed me as bad and Senna as good, and that's a pity," said Senna.

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Published 24 Apr 2019, 16:55 IST
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