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Hamilton's got some unusual demands for himself

Waleed Shamsi
1.21K   //    09 Oct 2018, 07:38 IST

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The four time formula one champion is at the top of his career. After winning the Japanese grand prix the Brit has has exceeded his lead from 50 points at the table, with just 4 more races to go. It seems that by the end of this season Lewis Hamilton will clinch the world title for the fifth time in the row.

Hamilton's top performance has shown his dominance, it's only natural for him to demand more. But what exactly he has got in his mind? No it's not the money, it is not even more tattoos on his body, he just demands a competitive third team. Quite unusual, isn't it?

After the Japanese Grand Prix the Brit opened up to the Journalists present in the post race ceremony. He said:

We need a third strong team, Otherwise, it’s boring — I want to have more of these guys to beat. Red Bull has been building a great car for years, but I often wonder if the management there is always making the right decisions.

Is it what he really wants or is he just showing off?

Japanese Grand Prix: Post Race Conference
Japanese Grand Prix: Post Race Conference

The 'going to be' five time Drivers' Champion Lewis Hamilton has taken some quite stiff and nasty challenges from the Reds especially Sebastian Vettel. The most recently we saw it in Russia when the two almost collided at straights which Hamilton puts it as 'Double move' and has lashed out at FIA for having double standards.

But now we've seen that Ferrari has fizzled out themselves. You can call it management mistakes or the driver's own mistakes or any way other. Red Bull has just been a shadow. Verstappen or Riccardo, both have equally failed to challenge Hamilton consistently.

Maybe this is why Hamilton is just hoping that Bulls will pull their socks up and will go deep down to become the 'third' championship challenging team next to Ferrari and Silver Arrows in 2019.