Michael Schumacher Recovery Update: Bernie Ecclestone hopeful of 7-time champion's recovery

  • Schumacher's health continues to generate curiosity among fans, lovers of the sport alike. Recently, Bernie had something to say on it too!
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One of motorsport
One of motorsport's greatest drivers of all time with Bernie Ecclestone

One of the biggest reasons for sadness in the world of F1 is the health of Michael Schumacher

It’s not for nothing that the German great is admired to this day. After all, the “Regenmeister” happens to be a man responsible for 7 World titles and 91 Grand Prix victories. That's not a bad feat for a driver who took the Prancing Horse to its most glorious feats long before the likes of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel even wore red racing suits, right?

Moreover, in Michael Schumacher’s ebb rests the record for the most number of fastest laps ever set in the history of F1. With 77 fastest-laps, Michael Schumacher is way ahead of any driver on the current grid.

Only Kimi Raikkonen of Alfa Romeo is the second best on this prestigious list. All these reasons perhaps point to the reason why Michael is missed so much in the sport.

One of the men who happens to have known the German great shared his perspective about Schumacher's health update, making no bones about the fact that the former Ferrari driver could return to normality. Bernie Ecclestone, present at the launch of a documentary on Michael Schumacher, titled "Schumacher" had this to say about the German's health:

He is not with us at this moment. But when he is better, he will answer all the questions!"

On the basis of the above statement, a German newspaper would go on to add the following:

"It makes it clear how much the consequences of the ski accident still affect Schumacher five years later.” On the other hand, Ecclestone's second sentence also “gives hope for a successful recovery."

Remember it was a little over half a decade back that Schumacher suffered serious head injuries whilst he was away skiiing in the French Alps. To this day, the exact condition of one of motor-sport's greatest icons remains a mystery with polarising views about the German's health continuing to create a suspense about his chances of survival.


While so many publications have shared that Michael's in a vegetative state, something no fan would ever want to hear about a man who's given the world of F1 so many joys, there also happen to be publications that report that the former multiple world champion has shown signs of improvement.

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Published 05 Jun 2019, 14:23 IST
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