2023 F1 British GP to feature reinforced Pirelli tires to deal with higher than expected loads at Silverstone: Reports

Pirelli tyres in the paddock for Red Bull Racing during the final day of 2017 F1 winter testing at Circuit de Catalunya. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
Pirelli tyres in the paddock for Red Bull Racing during the final day of 2017 F1 winter testing at Circuit de Catalunya. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

It has recently been reported that Pirelli will be bringing new tires for the 2023 F1 British GP. This introduction of new, stronger compounds is being brought in by the Italian tire manufacturer because the 2023 cars are much quicker than expected.

In the 2023 F1 Miami GP, the fastest qualifying lap was 1:26:841, almost two seconds faster than the fastest qualifying lap in 2022. This also means that the cars are putting higher loads on the tires. These readings were not expected by the tire makers, at least not in 2023.

As reported by RacingNews365, Pirelli plans to bring a new reinforced set of tires to the British GP. These tires will be able to deal with higher than expected loads and withstand longer periods of time. The new, stronger tires will be used for the remainder of this season. It is also understood that these tires were planned for the 2024 season, but they had to be introduced a year earlier.

Pirelli is currently waiting for a green light from the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) to use these new tires in the British GP. The FIA has been notified about the new tires and is okay with them since they do not pose any safety concerns about the integrity of the tires.

IndyCar CEO slams F1 for being called 'the greatest spectacle in racing'

IndyCar CEO Mark Miles fired shots at F1 after the sport was called 'the greatest spectacle in racing' by American rapper LL Cool J during the pre-race driver introductions before the Miami GP.

Speaking to IndyStar.com, he spewed that F1 is by no means the greatest spectacle in racing; rather, the Indianapolis 500 in the IndyCar series officially owns the trademark of that phrase. He said:

"I heard that. And my reaction was, ‘I’ll bet you race fans know that’s a crock of s***. ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’ is right here [at IMS] in May, by every measure."

Furthermore, he explained how F1 started using the phrase after they introduced the Las Vegas GP in 2022. Though he wrote a letter to Liberty Media to not use the trademarked phrase, it once again crept up in the Miami GP in 2023. He added:

"And I don’t expect [the potential trademark infringements] to continue. We had a little conversation with them when it was popping up around Vegas, and it was very informal and quick, so I was surprised by [Sunday]. But I don’t think that’s their general MO [modus operandi]."

He concluded:

"I’m not sure who the chain of people is for writing something like that that gets said on the mic, but I don’t believe it would come from as high up as [Stefano Domenicali]. I didn’t consider it a corporate policy, given our relationship."

'The greatest spectacle in racing' is a phrase that the Indianapolis 500 officially owns as a trademark. Hence, Mark Miles was fuming after F1 did a pre-race show where they gave the phrase to themselves.

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