“Not very different” – Alex Albon on differences between working at Williams compared to Red Bull

Alex Albon last raced in F1 at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Alex Albon last raced in F1 at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Williams F1 driver Alex Albon has opened up about his experience working with the team, compared to his previous experience with Red Bull. He revealed that the two teams are much more similar than they may seem from the outside.

Speaking to Formule1 after the first pre-season test in Barcelona, the Thai-British driver said:

“They work in the same way at Williams. It’s a bit like going to a new school. The team had a good season last year and want to keep that momentum going.”
Contrasting emotions for the Red Bull drivers at Interlagos...Alex Albon was left devastated after a late collision with Lewis Hamilton cost him his first #F1 podium#BrazilGP 🇧🇷

Albon made his F1 return this season after a year on the side-lines working as a reserve and development driver for Red Bull. He also took part in a DTM campaign simultaneously, winning the race at the Nurburgring and several podiums. He said his experience at Williams has been extremely positive so far, with the team excited to have him onboard.

Meanwhile, after last driving an F1 car at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Albon also needed to get used to the physical challenges ahead of the new season. Speaking of his experience adjusting to the demands of an F1 car after a long while, he said:

“It was generally easier than expected. The fact that the cars are completely new makes it an extra fresh start for me. Those first few laps won’t have been much different for the other guys.”

Red Bull frustrated after calls for increased minimum weight met with resistance

Red Bull special adviser Helmut Marko has expressed his frustration after a few teams, including McLaren and Alfa Romeo, reportedly opposed calls for minimum weight increase put forward by the Milton Keynes-based outfit.

Red Bull is reportedly struggling with weight issues. Along with most other teams on the grid, it had earlier called on the FIA to consider increasing the minimum weight of the 2022 cars. The request was reportedly under consideration until opposition from McLaren and Alfa Romeo, according to Helmut Marko.

During an interview with German publication Motorsport Magazine, Marko expressed his frustration, saying:

“First it was said that the weight was going up, then there was a turnaround.”

Both Alfa Romeo and McLaren are reportedly close to the original minimum weight and are therefore reluctant to give up a potential competitive edge.

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