Buffalo Bills superstar plans tribute for Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Grand Prix of Italy
F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and McLaren doing a shoey after winning the F1 Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo di Monza on September 12, 2021 in Monza, Italy. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has promised to celebrate like Daniel Ricciardo with a 'shoey' if his team wins the Super Bowl. The American NFL star befriended Ricciardo at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix.

A shoey at the Superbowl? πŸ€”It might just happen y'know! πŸ‘ŸπŸΎ@danielricciardo πŸ€œπŸ€› @JoshAllenQB

The Honey Badger is infamous for his celebration of drinking champagne out of his shoe after winning races. His celebration has won the hearts of fans around the world as they eagerly await the Australian to win a Grand Prix.

However, much to the dismay of these fans, the McLaren driver managed to win only one race with the Woking-based team - at the Italian Grand Prix in 2021.

Speaking with Daniel Ricciardo to ESPN in 2021, Josh Allen said:

"As soon as we are up on that stage, on the podium at the Super Bowl, if we get there I am definitely taking my shoe off and I am doing the whole thing too."

Mclaren puzzled by Daniel Ricciardo's failure

Chairman of The Official @JoshAllenQB Fan Club. 🏈 @DanielRicciardo #BillsMafia

McLaren boss Zak Brown claims he is puzzled by Daniel Ricciardo's lack of success with McLaren in 2021 and 2022. The Australian ended his stint with the English team a year early and has chosen to return to Red Bull, where he will take on the role of the third driver.

Zak Brown is unsure why Daniel Ricciardo was unable to find success with his team, expressing his confusion in an interview with Speedcafe.

Brown said:

"We've certainly analyzed it. We gave it everything we've got, Daniel gave it everything he's got and our relationship with Daniel was great. It was clearly disappointing for both of us as to the outcome but I think it's a bit of a great mystery as to why."

He added:

"I don't think Daniel knows, we don't know, we tried everything. Maybe we worked too hard. I think, ultimately, that's why we both decided to make a change because we had tried everything and we really didn't know why it wasn't clicking."

Ricciardo could benefit from a break from the grid in 2023 as he will have time to ask himself some tough questions. He claims that watching the grid take off in Bahrain next year could influence if he wants to return to the grid in a full-time capacity the following year.

If he wants to make his return in 2024, then realizing that early on in the 2023 season might be extremely beneficial from a planning perspective.

It will be interesting to see how McLaren deals with the 2023 season with their new hotshot Oscar Piastri. With the new season coming up in less than two months, it will be interesting to see how the Woking-based team fares.

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