"Best looking Formula 1 car I've ever seen" - Ferrari F1 2022 car livery draws praises from fans

Ferrari's new F1-75. Taken from @scuderiaferrari on Twitter
Ferrari's new F1-75. Taken from @scuderiaferrari on Twitter

Ferrari's 2022 challenger, the F1-75, was unveiled by the team earlier today. Fans of the sport have praised the car for its bold new styling, calling it one of the best-looking F1 cars the sport has seen.

Fans were sent into a frenzy as the Italian team's 2022 car was launched, confirming rumors of a brand new livery. The new F1-75 is a darker shade of red than ever before and features all-black front and rear wings. Fans are praising the Prancing Horse for making a bold decision with their livery while other teams have copied style patterns from the previous season.

Famous F1 YouTuber and fan Benjamin Daly, also known as Tiametmarduk, has claimed that the new Scuderia is the best-looking F1 car he has seen. The online personality wrote:

“This might be the best-looking Formula 1 car I've ever seen.”
This might be the best looking Formula 1 car I've ever seen.

The main feature of the new car is the resized side-pods. The side-pods on the car are bigger than earlier, seemingly paying tribute to Ferraris from the early 2000s. The team will certainly be hoping the car goes like those from early 2000s too, as the period was highly-dominant for them, with Michael Schumacher winning the drivers' title five years in a row.

One fan hilariously reacted to the side-pods, claiming that water will fill them up during wet races. They wrote:

“They better have fast pit stops in the rain, or they could end up with swimming pools forming in the sidepods…”
@ScuderiaFerrari @Charles_Leclerc @Carlossainz55 They better have fast pit stops in the rain, or they could end up with swimming pools forming in the sidepods……

Ferrari slowly rising back to top of the sport

The Italian team comfortably beat rivals McLaren to third place in the 2021 constructors' championship. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc impressed all with their consistent points finishes despite having a car which was arguably inferior to McLaren's 2021 challenger.

With P3 in the bag for the Italian team in 2021, newer fans got a slight taste of the Ferrari of old – leading to considerable hype ahead of the 2022 season. Despite having a 20 horsepower gap to Mercedes engines — which the team has now bridged — the Scuderias whizzed past McLaren cars on multiple occasions.

I THINK IT'S FAIR TO SAY I AM BREATHLESS, THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING @ScuderiaFerrari @Carlossainz55 @Charles_Leclerc I think I am in love, just look at that, now that is a title contender! (Picture Credit Scuderia Ferrari)

A majority of the credit, however, must be given to Carlos Sainz, who impressed critics and fans in his debut season for the team. The Spaniard outclassed team-mate and F1 'wunderkind' Charles Leclerc, with motorsport veterans such as Bernie Ecclestone and Helmut Marko praising the 27-year-old for his consistency.

With the F1-75, their latest iteration of the F1 car, fans are hoping to see the team from Maranello rise back to the top steps of the podium in 2022.

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