“I have never wanted something so badly”: Fans react to the viral Chanel F1 shirt collection on Twitter 

Chanel's viral F1 T-shirt is a royalty

The viral Chanel F1 shirt, which was part of the brand's inspired Cruise 2023 line, became popular over the past few days when many influencers were spotted wearing it at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28. Fans of the shirt, however, were completely shocked by the tee's price when they tried to buy one.

The tee will cost between $4,500 and $5,500 USD, according to various estimates, however, other videos have stated it might cost as high as $10,000. This comes after social media influencer and model Madeleine White clarified that the T-shirt would not be as pricey as it is now.

After the price of the T-shirt was made official by Chanel, fans of the brand and the motorsport have taken to Twitter to vent how expensive the tee is and how much they wish to buy it despite that.

Here are a few tweets:

"I would sell a kidney for the chanel F1 Tshirt. I have never wanted something so badly," one fan wrote.
"I don't watch F1 and I haven't likeed Chanel in years, but this shirt speaks to me!!" another said.
"In desperate need of a chanel cruise 22/23 f1 tee shirt."
"Girls don't want a boyfriend. Girls want the chanel f1 shirt."
"That chanel F1 shirt is 5k I can put that to change the ferrari car design what."
"I've never needed anything like I need the chanel F1 shirt."

The internet has gone gaga for the Chanel F1 viral T-shirt worn by Madeleine White and Charlotte Casiraghi

Madeleine used TikTok to showcase the Chanel T-shirt that went viral. She wore the T-shirt with several ensembles. The video was popular and received a lot of likes and comments.

On Instagram, she originally displayed the T-shirt and described it as a "first family heirloom." Her fans flocked to the comment sections as the article gained traction. Her fans can't wait to watch her compete in the next race wearing that T-shirt.

Madeleine's viral Chanel T-shirt not only made a fashion statement but also highlighted Chanel's Cruise 2023 collection.

Charlotte Casiraghi stunned at the Monaco GP by wearing the viral Chanel shirt. The well-liked dress is a straightforward cotton T-shirt with a magnificent embossed design on the front honoring Formula 1 racing and motorsports.

The granddaughter of American actress Grace Kelly attended the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix qualifying race last Saturday with her brothers. Charlotte attended the races wearing the F1 T-shirt by Chanel, pairing the eye-catching white T-shirt with black thin trousers. She also sported Butterfly sunglasses by Chanel.

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