Lando Norris on where he needs to make improvements in 2022

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi - Lando Norris during a press interview
F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi - Lando Norris during a press interview
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Lando Norris, in his third year in F1 in 2021, had an extremely strong season. The McLaren driver, however, recently revealed aspects of his driving style that he needs to improve on to deliver an even better 2022 season. He claims that there are certain tracks that he still struggles with and that he would need to adapt his driving style to better suit those particular tracks in the upcoming season.

As reported by The Race, Norris described his struggles with the car, saying:

“There’s definitely some things to still work on because there’s still some tracks and ways of driving I need to improve. But let’s say the window’s like this [narrow] and you have to be right here [in the middle of it] and that’s where we are quick but it’s very difficult to drive.”
Disappointment for Lando Norris as he exits qualifying in Q2 That's the first time this season he's not made it into Q3#DutchGP 🇳🇱 #F1

He added, saying:

“Sometimes, on certain tracks, there is just no perfect performance window, and when it is a difficult car to drive and we are not that quick. So then trying to find how to drive that car is what I struggle with a little bit more. When the car is very bad, that is when I can still make improvements. That is one of my biggest areas to improve still.”

Given that it is only his third season in the sport, it is fair to say that there are several areas that the young driver can improve on. Going into the 2022 season, there is now an exciting bunch of young drivers who are anticipated to be contending for the title, with Lando Norris very much making the list.

"My best season so far" - Lando Norris reflects on his 2021 season

The McLaren driver claims to have had his most successful career in F1 in 2021. He finished the year 160 points ahead of team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. Despite McLaren losing out on third in the constructors' championship to Ferrari, it is safe to say that Norris led the team's charge to the top from the very start of the season. With four podiums and his maiden pole position in 2021, the Briton proved himself to be an exciting young talent with the potential to be fighting for a world championship title in the future.

4 podiums, 1 Pole position… @LandoNorris’ best year in F1 to date. 👏Awesome job, Lando!

As reported by The Sports Rush, Norris commented on his 2021 season, saying:

“It’s definitely been, I would say, my best season so far, which is obviously a good thing when I’m in my third season. But yeah, I’m very happy. It’s obviously been my most successful year as well with some podiums, the 1-2 for us as a team in Monza, my first pole position in Formula 1. So I think I’ve achieved a lot.”

Lando Norris is expected to take the confidence and momentum with him into the upcoming season and will be chasing his much-awaited race win in 2022.

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