Lando Norris spotted playing golf with Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh

Lando Norris (left) and Yuvraj Singh (right) (Images sourced from their official Instagram profiles)
Lando Norris (left) and Yuvraj Singh (right) (Images sourced from their official Instagram profiles)

McLaren star Lando Norris was spotted playing golf with Indian cricketing sensation Yuvraj Singh. The Briton posted an Instagram story about the experience, claiming the duo formed the "Team of the Year."

In what may seem like a coalition of two separate worlds, Norris teamed up with Indian cricket star Yuvraj Singh for a round, or two, of golf, calling their partnership "Team of the Year." Although it is hard to say whether the pair have interacted in any capacity before teeing off, it is clear the two share a common love for golf.

Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has never hidden his love for cars and motorsport, boasting a collection of supercars due to an immensely successful cricketing career. In June 2021, Singh extended his partnership with PUMA, becoming the new avatar for PUMA Motorsport in India.

The cricket World Cup winner has attended past Bahrain and India Grands Prix, showing his support for Fernando Alonso in the former. His recent golfing stint with Norris marks a new friendship the cricketing and F1 world was not aware of.

Lando Norris claims golf one of the most physical sports he has played

Lando Norris' love for golf is no secret anymore, with the young driver tweeting about the sport on multiple occasions. The Briton, however, called the sport "one of the most physical sports" he's played. This despite driving an F1 car with lateral G-forces more than 3 times that of normal cars.

The 22-year-old was recently called out by his PR manager Charlotte Sefton for playing too much golf instead of focusing on racing. Sefton said:

“You went from a gamer to a retired old man in three months.”

The McLaren driver defended himself by saying that golf is not for old people, despite the reputation the sport has built for itself. He said:

“Golf is not for old people. That’s just what everyone thinks!”

He recently placed third on the F1 bosses list of the best drivers of 2021. The list was topped by current drivers' world champion Max Verstappen, followed by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Norris has had a commendable season in 2021, and will return next year for another spectacular season.

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