Watch: When Max Verstappen left Martin Brundle speechless with the manner in which he overtook Nico Rosberg in F1 British GP

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Max Verstappen's (R) daring overtake on Nico Rosberg (L) during the 2016 British GP (Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

Formula 1 is heading to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this week, with Max Verstappen being the championship leader by a considerable margin. The Dutchman has had quite a few moments around the historical track over the years in his F1 career. He shared one such moment during the 2016 edition of the race with that year's world champion, Nico Rosberg.

Starting the race P3, Verstappen was right behind Rosberg on an extremely wet track. The two were close enough during the race, and although there are many overtaking points on the track, the eager Verstappen pulled off an overtake where no one expected it. Right after Becketts, he closed the gap on Rosberg and overtook him into Chapel, turn 14 of the track. This sudden move left Martin Brundle, one of the commentators in that particular race, speechless.

Verstappen's decision earned him second place in the race, which he maintained for a long time before the Mercedes overtook him again. However, Rosberg later received a 10-second time penalty for an illegal radio exchange with his team, moving him down to P3 and giving Max Verstappen P2 for the race. In general, it was a surprising overtake by Verstappen, considering that it was only his second season in the sport.

Red Bull team boss unsure of keeping the team and Max Verstappen's win streak up at Silverstone

Red Bull has won every single race this season, with Max Verstappen winning the past five races in a row, making it a period of extreme dominance for the team. However, as Christian Horner spoke about the upcoming British Grand Prix, he seemed to be somewhat unsure of the outcomes of this race. He mentioned that there could be many things playing their role in the race, including the weather and the track. Sky Sports quoted his statement:

"We can only take it one race at a time. Can we? Yes. Will we? Who knows? Reliability, weather. Silverstone next weekend is going to be epic. It’s a race we haven’t won since Mark (Webber) in 2012, so that’s a big event for us on the calendar."

Interestingly, Ferrari emerged as a competitor to Red Bull team at the Austrian Grand Prix, at least in comparison to how they were performing previously. Although they were close to the RB19s, battling them was hard enough on the track. The upcoming British Grand Prix could bring out some interesting results as the Maranello-based outfit is expecting some upgrades.

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