"We should be doing better with what we have" - Lando Norris shuts down suggestions that lack of infrastructure is responsible for McLaren's struggles

F1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia - Previews
Lando Norris of McClaren looks on

McLaren driver Lando Norris has said that the team should be doing much better with the facilities they have compared to a lot of other teams.

The British team finished last at the Bahrain GP on March 12, with Norris pitting six times due to a mechanical issue, while his teammate Oscar Piastri retired after 13 laps.

Norris, though, has dismissed the notion that lack of infrastructure has led to McLaren's struggles this season. Speaking to the media, including Sportskeeda. at the Saudi Arabian GP press conference, Norris said:

"Yeah, infrastructure always helps but we should be doing better than we are now with what we have. That's also clear. We'll see. I think there are things you can achieve during the season. Harder to achieve them during the season than during the winter but there's no huge changes."

He continued:

"It's not like we need to change philosophy or change cars or anything like that. A lot of what we have already is working well, as Andrea has mentioned, what we have in the wind tunnel and what we have on track is correlating well at the same time and we have obviously a lot of new things coming. A lot of it in Formula 1 is time."

Norris concluded:

"You're always against it, but at the same time you always need it, and sometimes, you just have to be patient still. So that's what we're doing. Everyone's working very hard from that side of things. There's nothing that they're doing that I would say that we're not in terms of going out to achieve what we want to achieve. So we'll stick to our plan, and that's good enough for me."

"I don't know, everyone makes it sound a lot worse than it is" - Lando Norris

Lando Norris said that issues that plagued cars in Bahrain in the first race were quite rare and not as bad as they were made out to be. He said:

"Oscar's problem, it was an issue that we've had the first time we've seen in years and years and years, so confident that's fixed and from my issue, Mercedes are sure that they fixed that, and it was, again, something which hasn't happened for years and years. So both are quite rare issues.
"And both things that we're confident, both from HPP side and from the McLaren side that are fixed. I don't know, everyone makes it sound a lot worse than it is. And calling it a crisis is far from that at all and it's nothing close to it."

It will be interesting to see if McLaren fix the issues that plagued them in Bahrain ahead of the Saudi Arabian GP on Sunday (March 19).

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