"White parents forbade their children to interact with him" - Toto Wolff on racial challenges faced by Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff on the podium at the Turkish GP 2020 (Photo by Kenan Asyali - Pool/Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff on the podium at the Turkish GP 2020 (Photo by Kenan Asyali - Pool/Getty Images)

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has revealed the racial challenges that scarred Lewis Hamilton at a young age. The Austrian also highlighted how important racing is to the seven-time world champion and the motivation he obtains from it.

Speaking to German publication AMP SPOX, Wolff shared an anecdote from Lewis Hamilton’s childhood and said:

“As a child he was insulted on the go-kart track. White parents forbade their children to interact with him; that definitely left big scars on him too. For him, racing was the valve to show everyone, and it still is.”

Hamilton’s stigma from racial discrimination is a large contributor to the causes he has supported, such as the "Black Lives Matter" campaign or the F1’s "We Race As One" initiative. The Briton has often been vocal about the challenges he has faced in the past, and expressed the need to work more towards ending racism.

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton creates comission for diversity in

The Briton has also urged the need to encourage diversity in the sport, while founding the eponymous 'Hamilton Commission' in collaboration with F1. The 37-year-old has been a staunch supporter of ending racial discrimination and abuse of all kinds, and has individually contributed to creating awareness about the issue.

Mercedes drops another social media post hinting Lewis Hamilton's F1 return

With the seven-time world champion silent on his social media and in public, speculation has grown over his future in the sport after a heart-breaking end to his 2021 campaign. As fans and the F1 world await Lewis Hamilton’s return, Mercedes dropped a hint on their social media with a post about his wins.

Praising his achievements in an appreciation post on Facebook, Mercedes said:

“An incredible 103 F1 wins and counting for Lewis Hamilton. But which one is your all-time favourite...”

It seems like it is only a matter of time before the Brackley-based team announces the Briton’s continuation in the sport. His brother Nicholas Hamilton was the last to give an update on him, saying that Lewis was on a social media break. As fans wait with abated breaths, Mercedes seems to be on a roll with teasers, not just about the driver, but about his car for 2022 as well.

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