Top 5 attractions at Michael Schumacher's museum, the legend's private collection.

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A visit to Schumacher's museum beckons all motor-sport lovers

Unless you are an intrepid traveler, it is highly unlikely that you would set a foot outside of the customary, charming tourist attractions in Germany. The princely vibe of Munich combined with the air of ebullience and the excellent night-life of Berlin find great traction among globetrotting travelers.

Many an impassioned visitor re engulfed in the pleasantness in Frankfurt or consumed by the historic automotive relevance of Stuttgart.

The idea of visiting places like Marburg- a university town in Hesse- doesn't really feature that often on the itinerary of a traveler. After all, this quaint charming city offers the usual nonchalance you'd expect from a German destination flavored by old medieval churches and an unusually nicer urbanity when compared to the other cities of Hesse.

But in case, you thought that was all there is about the central-western German city, then think again. In the current context, if you think of Marburg, you cannot avoid thinking of a loud, garrulous sound that only an F1 car can produce. You think of Marburg and you think of 91 Grand Prix wins, 7 world championships, the famous smile, the twinkle in the eyes and the sport swept by an air of invincibility.

Does that ring a bell? Well, Marburg is most famous for housing a truly unique, one-of-a-kind Michael Schumacher exhibition.

Here are the top five sights that you can see at the this truly unique Schumacher exhibit:

1. Championship-winning cars at the Marburg Schumacher exhibit

SCHUMACHER next to the 2012 car

Whether it's the car that Michael Schumacher used in the final race of his stellar run- the Mercedes W03 or the world-championship winning Ferrari F2004 or the legendary Benetton-Ford B194 that Schumacher drove in his fourth year in competitive Grand Prix racing can be found decked for display at the illustrious Michael Schumacher Marburg exhibit.

The most uplifting feeling is to be a witness to all the seven championship-winning cars and then to ponder just how was the driver able to remain right on top with such measured consistency?

Once you step afoot at the Marburg-Schumacher exhibit, you'll understand why they hail it as an emotionally-charged tribute to the life of a truly iconic champion driver.

2. Caps Michael Schumacher wore in his championship-winning years

Among the many caps that Schumacher wore

Few feelings can match the spectacle or the heightened pleasure as the one you feel when you drive an F1 car. To put it straightforwardly, it's a truly indescribable feeling.

But at the same time, the experience of being a part of championship-winning teams, being amid the entire fanfare, evidencing the euphoria of being on the top step of the podium: it's like a constant rush of adrenaline.

An implicit element for any driver is the racing paraphernalia he's decked in. For Schumacher, the common sight was that of triumphing in his famous Ferrari machines, driving which he raised a havoc in the tectonic world of Formula 1 racing.

Another element that reminds the fan of 'Schumi' is the signature red-color Ferrari caps, wearing which he exulted so often, at the top step of the podium.

At Marburg, you'll find a host of caps, signed personally by the 7-time championship winning Michael Schumacher. It's not too surprising to find onlookers and enthralled fans clicking endless snaps with the famous 2001 world-championship winning cap; the sight of Michael wearing it in the press conference where he'd later break down still sits in atop in every fans' mind.

3. A montage of exclusive Michael Schumacher-winning moments

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Among the many winnings moments of Schumi's career

In the F1 parlance, it suffices to say, there are drivers and then there is Michael Schumacher.

While the likes of Hamilton and Vettel are often compared with the irreplaceable German, how's one to better a bloke who picked up a mammoth 91 race-wins, collected 155 podiums finishes and, importantly, bagged 5 consecutive world championships?

Can you imagine the feeling of being there live when Schumacher was collecting these dizzying heights? Well, most of us may not have had that rarity of pleasure.

But at the legendary Marburg Michael Schumacher exhibition, one can certainly capture the poignant imageries, ever an implicit part of Schumacher's reign of dominance. In the gallery of pictures- a montage of Schumacher in the heat of the battle and collecting sterling wins- you can place yourself in an important strand of motor-sport history.

4. Schumacher's legendary helmets

Enter cap
Schumacher helmets:

Implicit in the journey of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 has been the bright red-colored helmet, he'd stuck to throughout his unputdownable stint.

But here at Marburg museum, you can find the headgear 'Schumi' used during his initial period in motor-racing as well as the final lid he'd used upon completing his grand run with Mercedes.

Visitors are attracted to the nostalgia associated with the 1991 helmet Schumacher had used during his debut run with Jordan. This is followed by the classic red streaks added above the visor during the Benetton years, which paves the way to the all-red helmet, that assumed a classic all-encompassing Ferrari look that became Michael's constant shadow from the onset of 2000.

5. Collection of winning-trophies

Visitors can find a heard of epic Schumi trophies at the exhibit

It's hard to imagine where would've Michael Schumacher stored all the trophies that were ever earned in the topsy-turvy world of Formula 1 racing. For someone who bagged 155 podium finishes, in addition to 91 races wins culminating into 7 world-championships- it could be said- Schumacher might've had to construct a house just to store his trophies.

Thankfully, some of his world title crowns and awards earned at the back of unfurling some iconic drives have been preserved well and showcased much to the adulation of a visiting public at the Michael Schumacher museum.

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Edited by Shahid Salman
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