Top 5 funny commercials featuring F1 drivers


F1 drivers: Driving may be their forte, acting isn’t!

F1 is a sponsor-driven sport and the drivers have a lot of sponsorship commitments to adhere to. Acting in advertisements is a part of the deal and it is where drivers are out of their comfort zone and hence things may take an ugly turn.

Today being April fools day, let us take a look at the top 5 commercials in which the F1 drivers made a fool of themselves.

5. Jenson Button – Head & Shoulders

Can an F1 driver be used to sell more shampoos? Head & Shoulders tries to do just that with this advertisement featuring Jenson Button:


4. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso – Mercedes-Benz

This advertisement was filmed in 2007 when both Hamilton and Alonso were a part of McLaren. Ironically, they turned out to be more than just competitive on the race track than what they did in this commercial:


3. Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher – Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes again. However, this one isn’t as bad as the others but it still is high on the fun quotient. Set at the start of the 2011 season, it was supposed to be a witty take on Red Bull snatching their Constructors title in the previous season. Sadly, they failed to muster even a challenge to the Red Bull juggernaut in 2011. The ad also features a guest appearance by a legend.


2. Kimi Raikkonen & Giancarlo Fischella – Shell

This cringe-worthy ad features two non-English drivers having probably the worst conversation ever in a TV commerical. However, Kimi does drive home the point that he still doesn’t give a damn about the whole thing. Watch it:


1. Mark Webber – Canberra milk

Mark Webber doesn’t have to worry about his lead in this chart. He will forever be regarded as the driver who was a part of the most cringe-worthy ad ever. He also sings in it to make it even more worse. Here is Mark Webber in the Canberra Milk commercial:


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