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F1: Top 5 Races of Fernando Alonso - as he is set for his 300th start at Canadian GP 2018

Yash Kapoor
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Fernando Alonso is one of the best F1 drivers of all time and probably the best of his generation. Although he has not won any more championships since his time at Renault, he is still regarded highly even today. For most of his career, he never had the title-winning car but still managed to outdrive the car on most occasions. Some of the drives by him during his time at Ferrari and Mclaren were simply breathtaking.

Here are my top 5 races by him:

#5 Baku, 2018

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Alonso's Damaged Car at Baku

The opening lap saw a three-way collision involving Fernando Alonso, Sergey Sirotkin, and Nico Hulkenberg. Fernando's car was heavily damaged: Front wing went off loose and both of the front tyres had got punctured. It seemed nearly impossible to carry on but somehow miraculously Fernando managed to scuttle his car to the pitlane.

At first, it looked like that he would retire after few laps but what happened after that was simply astounding. Alonso drove meticulously for the remaining part of the race and most of the time close to the wall. He was flat out and got the maximum out of the car which did not seem possible from outside. Fernando not only managed to bring the car to chequered flag but also secured 7th position, two above his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne. This showed the racing craft of this megastar.

After the race, Fernando himself was amazed to have got this result. He described it as "the best race of his career".

Though the season as of now has not been up to mark for Mclaren, this race was a result of "persistence and pride". This race showed that at the age of 36, Alonso is still one of the best drivers on the grid and how much he is outperforming that Mclaren car.

Let's hope that Mclaren soon provides him with a car which can fight for the podium because he deserves it

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