Who is Britta Roeske? All about Sebastian Vettel's long-time associate

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Sebastian Vettel has always had Britta alongside him since his Red Bull days.

Sebastian Vettel's press relations manager Britta Roeske has been one of the more prominent female faces on the F1 grid for close to two decades.

Her association with Vettel since the start of his career means she has seen some of the best days of the German's stint in Red Bull and some of his worst at Ferrari too. Through al that, Roeske has stood by Vettel and has been one of his pillars.

So, who is Britta Roeske? Let's take a look at her journey in F1.

Bretta Roeske: Sebastian Vettel's PR manager

Humble Beginnings

Originally from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Britta Roeske started her motorsport career at the 2004 Nurburgring GP, when she was introduced by Patrizia Spinelli to Flavio Briatore (Renault team principal).

With a background in economics, modern languages and journalism, Roeske started her journey as a trainee in the communications department of Renault.

Always by Seb’s side.Britta Roeske has worked alongside Sebastian Vettel in the #F1 paddock since 2009. Ahead of the #AbuDhabiGP, Britta shared her fondest memories with the four-time World Champion.Tap below to watch. #DankeSeb

Move to Red Bull and alliance with Sebastian Vettel

In 2005, Roeske left Renault and joined Red Bull. It was not till 2010 that she started working with a very young Sebastian Vettel.

She immediately began to manage Vettel’s appearances during race weekends, personally checking every question the journalists asked the German driver.

sebastian vettel and britta roeske, my beloveds <3

Soon she became a reference for commentators and sponsors inside the paddock, who - still to this day - turned directly to her to know the availability of Vettel for interviews or specific appearances.

It was also during a time when Vettel was facing a lot of heat for his crash with then teammate Mark Webber and being called out as a 'crashkid' by Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren team principal, at the time.

Since 2010, Roeske has never left the 4-time world champion's side, becoming the only PR on the track who's directly employed by a driver. She has seen multiple controversies, including the infamous Multi-21 in 2013 for Vettel against Mark Webber.

Move to Ferrari and Aston Martin

Britta Roeske moved to Ferrari alongside Vettel in 2015 and stayed with the team till 2020. At the end of the 2014 season, Vettel had taken a rather bold decision of leaving Red Bull and pursuing a dream to win at Ferrari. Britta, being the only recognizable face and a pillar alongside Vettel, moved teams as well.

After the disappointing end to Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari stint in 2020, there were question marks over the future of his PR manager. Vettel, though, quelled all of them and took her with him to Aston Martin. With the German's F1 career now over, there are questions about what lies ahead for Roeske, but it's safe to say that in terms of women in motorsports, she has left an indelible mark.

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