12 Trademark goal celebrations of footballers


4) David Silva – Kissing the wrist

At the age of 15, David Silva lost his cousin named Cynthia to cancer – she was only 5 years old. It hurt him a lot, so much so that he imprinted a tattoo of her name on his left wrist to honour her memory.

And this is why, every time he scores, he kisses the name on his wrist to dedicate the goal to his cousin – whom he loved very dearly. Silva is now the godfather to Cynthia’s younger sister Joana and it is a true indication of the affection he shares for his family members and relatives.

5) Tim Cahill – Boxing with the corner flag

One of the most unique and weirdest celebration is that of Australian football legend, Tim Cahill. The former Everton man was one of their most celebrated players and a nightmare for the corner flags.

After scoring a goal, he would run to the corner and flag and punch it like a boxer would. One could argue that the corner flag isn’t really a worthy opponent to box with, but who wouldn’t want to box something that doesn’t box back?

6) Kevin Nolan – Chicken Dance

It is not easy to please the Toon army, especially with goal celebrations, but former star Kevin Nolan is an exception in this case.

The West Ham man scored 29 league goals for the Magpies and celebrated almost all of them with his famous and funny chicken dance. Some might say that it is kiddish of him to do so, but honestly, we never really become adults – just big kids. And Nolan is just that.

Edited by Staff Editor
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