12 Trademark goal celebrations of footballers


Footballers Trademark Goal Celebrations

Goals. The true source of all celebrations in football. Except for very rare cases, goals display the most joyous part of human emotion. As soon as the balls hits the net, the goalscorer runs off to a world of his own. For that particular moment, he is the king of the world – at least he feels like one. That the whole world has stopped to witness his delight.

Each player has his own way of celebrating a goal. Some open their arms and embrace nature while some kiss a particular tattoo on their arm. These days, players take selfie after scoring – such is the diversity when it comes to celebrating a goal.

And here are 12 trademark celebrations of superstars.

1) Gareth Bale – 11 of Hearts

He loves this celebration so much that he actually trademarked it under his name. After scoring, he makes the heart shape with his hands – displaying his love to his wife and daughter.

Recently, he hasn’t got the chance to use this as much as he would have liked. A dry spell in front of goals has prompted Real Madrid fans to boo him and the only thing he could make up now is a hand-shape for a broken heart.

2) Juan Cuadrado – Exotic dance

Juan Cuadrado is a highly talented player known for many things like versatility, work-ethic, flair, creativity and celebrating style. In the World Cup, he and James Rodriguez rocked the pitch with awesome dance moves to celebrate goals.

Some might despise it, but the Colombian’s celebration style brings smiles to many faces around the world. He hasn’t yet celebrated with Chelsea and fans would love to see to him pull off some dance moves in a Blue shirt.

3) Raul Gonzalez – Kissing the ring finger

Real Madrid’s greatest goalscorer ever can easily be picked out among a huge crowd of players because of his unique celebration. In a career that has produced more than 400 competitive goals, he celebrated almost every one of them by kissing the ring finger on his right-hand in honour of his wife, Mamen Sanz.

Spaniards wear the ring on the right hand and hence Raul is always seen kissing his right after scoring a goal. It represents his deep love and affection for his spouse and we hope that it remains like this forever.

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