4 things Lionel Messi must do to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
Tim Hollis

The Messi vs Ronaldo debate continues to loom large over the football community. Whilst we should definitely appreciate the impact these men have both had on the sport, it’s tough not to compare their careers to date.

The two have had incredible careers both domestically and in Europe, but there are several key areas where Ronaldo has outperformed his rival. This is to take nothing away from Messi, who has had an incredible career and continues to have a very solid season in La Liga.

This definitely isn’t set in stone either. There are definitely realistic things Messi can do in the next few seasons to regain top spot. Without further ado, I’ll take a look at the 4 things Lionel Messi must do in order to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo.

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#4 Prove Himself in a Different League

Ronaldo has tested himself across various divisions in Europe
Ronaldo has tested himself across various divisions in Europe

One black mark on the career of Messi so far is that he’s only played in La Liga. He hasn’t tested himself in other leagues like Ronaldo, who has thrived in both the Premier League and the Serie A.

The gap between the Premier League and La Liga continues to rise each season and it’s clear Messi isn’t facing the best competition. Both Athletico and Real Madrid have fallen off this season, giving Messi a very clear path to the title.

Whilst this does add to his list of career accomplishments, it simply doesn’t do as much for his legacy as proving his talents in another league would. It would be fantastic to see Messi in the Premier League next season, proving himself against the world’s best and having success in the Champions League at the same time.

Perhaps even more impressive would be if he took up Ronaldo’s direct challenge and joined him in Serie A. If he could take a contender like Roma or Inter Milan and have them topple Ronaldo’s Juve for the title, this could do wonders for his legacy going forward.

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