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5 footballers who played with serious medical conditions | Part - 2

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Nacho suffers from type-1 diabetes
Nacho suffers from type-1 diabetes

We have already discussed the 5 world-class talents who have suffered from some of the most painful medical conditions and have still delivered as football players.

The likes of David Beckham, who suffered from Asthma, Edgar Davids who still battles with Glaucoma and Petr Cech who continues to make saves with a fractured skull, we have seen them all. However, that is not it, as we have uncovered 5 more talents who have played with some of the most life-threatening medical conditions there are.

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Above all the shortcomings, they have given it their all and have made sure that the fans get what they truly want, after all, battling diseases and playing football at the same time is something that is extremely difficult.

Here are 5 footballers who have played with some of the most serious medical conditions.

#5 Tim Howard - Tourette Syndrome

Colorado Rapids goalkeeper has faced one of the most complicated nervous disorders.
Colorado Rapids goalkeeper has faced one of the most complicated nervous disorders.

While many aren't aware, Tourette Syndrome is a disorder in which the nervous system is affected and the person performs involuntary movements such as repetitions and sounds. Certainly, the former Everton legend has had a tough time dealing with this particular syndrome throughout his childhood and is still dealing with it.

The most capped goalkeeper of the United States football team is regarded as one of the most underrated goalkeepers of the modern era, noticeably playing for the Toffees in the Premier League. A lesser-known fact about the American is that he has suffered from both the Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) throughout his career, and has written in detail in his biography, describing how the syndrome has affected a few matches that he has played.

 “It happens all the time, without any warning, and it increases the nearer an important game draws,” he said. “It always occurs more when I am particularly nervous.” - Howard in an interview with Spiegel Online.

However, Howard has shown the methods of keeping it under control, as it has no particular cure.

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