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5 gifts from Cristiano Ronaldo which show he has the biggest heart

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Cristiano Ronaldo
One of the greatest of our generation has proved to be a good person off the field too

Cristiano Ronaldo's magnanimity is well known. The 31-year old Portuguese star has made a reputation for himself as one of the most kindhearted footballers in the current roster of players. Having grown up amidst dire conditions himself, Cristiano always makes it a point to give back to the community as much of love and adulation he receives from it. And he makes sure the whole world knows it.

Very recently, it was reported that he had donated the entirety of his Euro 2016 bonus prize money to a foundation that funds children's cancer research. Earlier, he had also come out in complete support of Palestine in their ongoing skirmish against Israel. In November 2012, the star donated €1.5 million to the Palestinian children in Gaza- his way of reaching out in any way he can.

He has been considerate even with his gesture of gifting a jersey to a young boy whose nose he accidentally broke with a shot. The list goes on.

While he is charitable to people in need, he also randomly makes people happy with meaningful and touching celebratory gestures to his teammates and acquaintances. Here are five instances that showcased Ronaldo's generosity for people on an equal footing with him.

#1 The time he donated blood

Ronaldo donating blood
For most people in need, Ronaldo strives to help them (Picture: Russian Sports)

It is no secret as to why Ronaldo sports no tattoos which cover the bodies of the other players of his generation. He regularly donates blood at a clinic in his home country of Portugal and would not scar his body with tattoo needles that might prevent him from doing so. However, the first incident that opened his mind to the importance of donating blood to people in need involved a teammate of his at his national team.

Speaking to a Spanish radio channel, Cadena Cope, the maestro told the world how the plight of Carlos Martins acted as a catalyst in making him more socially responsible.

“It was the time when Carlos [Martins] was with us on the national team. He told us about the problem with his son and we, the players, showed great unity to help him and his son because we knew it was a very complicated situation… Donating bone marrow is something a lot of people think is a difficult thing to do but it’s nothing more than drawing blood and doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person.”

Since then, Ronaldo has regularly been keeping up the practice of giving blood and marrow to sick children in Portugal. What must be remembered is that he was a good enough friend to his colleague.

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