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5 managers who were unfairly sacked by their clubs

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Vicente del Bosque Real Madrid
Vicente del Bosque was shown the door by Real Madrid a day after winning the Champions League

Life, they say, isn’t fair. To some extent, this is a true saying. Sometimes, you work your socks off but it bears no fruit. And at some other times, you do absolutely nothing and yet achieve great things. 

When it comes to football, it is no different either. There comes a time when the best of teams lose to the beer-belly jugheads that resemble more Sunday Pub league football than the professional visage which the star players exude. Life is just as uncertain as the ending of M. Night Shyamalan movies; a twist can pop up at any given time. 

Such twists and turns occur a lot in a manager’s life. Despite being at the top and bringing stability to the team managed, the manager could get the sack out of nowhere. And here are 5 managers who were sacked unjustly. 

#1 Vicente del Bosque at Real Madrid

This is perhaps the most unfair sacking in the history of the sport. Indeed, having won two Champions League and La Liga titles each, one would have thought that he would be given a bumper contract that would run for a lifetime.

Instead, he was given the sack.

Florentino Perez is many things, but a football director isn’t one of them. He might have made a lot of money with his construction company and might be a genius when it comes to business dealings, but in pure footballing terms; he is terrible.

It took a post-del Bosque Real Madrid 11 years to win their next Champions League title. Just goes to show how much damage the construction magnate did to the club when he deemed the World Cup winning coach as old-fashioned.

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