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5 most overrated Premier League players to watch out for?

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Kyle Walker is the second-most expensive defender ever
Kyle Walker is the second-most expensive defender ever

Remember that guy in the class that worked half as hard as you, but used to get thrice the credit from the teachers, your classmates and, more devastatingly, the girls? One of my childhood wishes was to see the fraud exposed, but it never really came to fruition because everyone had an image to maintain and/or he had covered his tracks. Mostly, the latter.

Well, there are certain players in the game of football that exude the same aura as the guy mentioned above. They are treated like world beaters due to some flashy moments but are nowhere near as good as people make them out to be.

This slideshow is about these players and here are the five overrated Premier League players that you should keep an eye out for and stop wetting tissues over them…

#5 Kyle Walker

As recently as two seasons ago, Kyle Walker wouldn’t have been worth even a quarter of the amount that Manchester City paid for him this summer. He was somewhat of a pace-merchant who couldn’t put in an accurate cross to save his life.

Under the tutelage of Mauricio Pochettino, however, he improved a lot, but is still not a world beater that his price-tag might have suggested. He has an insane amount of pace that helps him beat his man, but his decision-making always leaves a lot to be desired.

His transfer to Manchester City made him the most expensive defender and it would have been that way had Benjamin Mendy not interfered. Even with his gradual development, he is still not the second best full-back – heck, he is not even in the top 10 – like his transfer price puts him.


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