5 reasons why we hate the international break

Sinjan Ballav
Modified 03 Sep 2016
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#3 The rhythm is broken

Jose Mourinho.jpg
Can Jose Mourinho continue on his splendid start?

One of the worst results of the international matches midseason is the break in rhythm one’s team suffers post-break. We are just three matches into the new season when FIFA decides that international matches need to be promoted leaving a feeling of disgust among fans and managers alike.

There is no denying the importance rhythm plays in the success of a team. Often, it makes or breaks a club’s season. A team which had been in a fine run of form for some weeks often finds itself facing a defeat the very first match after the break, often against weaker opponents. However, there’s another side of the coin which sees a poor run of form being broken with a resounding victory over tough opponents.  

Club managers have often stressed that they do not prefer midseason breaks which see the players spend time without the team which might hamper the confidence of a player, especially if he returns on the back of defeats while on national duty.

Rhythm plays a long way in achieving league glory, and who’d want to give that up for baseless friendlies? No one.

Published 03 Sep 2016, 18:03 IST
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