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5 things every supporter hates in Football

Sumedh Pande
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Leicester City
Leicester City fans basking in the glory of their fairytale league campaign

Whoever coined the phrase 'o jogo bonito' which translates to ‘the beautiful game’ could not be more accurate about the description of football. There is no greater joy for a supporter when his team does well or wins a trophy. Football transcends all boundaries, crosses all barriers and unifies people to a certain extent. There is nothing better than to see your beloved team on a weekend after a hard fought week of work.

As every good thing has a bad side, there are some negatives which have become a part of the modern football. Some of those can be avoided while others have become so ingrained in the system that it will take a long time to get things back on track like in FIFA. The game has become all about money which deviates from the basic purpose of the game which was to live the beautiful sport that is football.

Many things in the modern game irks a supporter such as the odd timings for a game especially in Asia where the European games kicks-off after midnight which can be tough for many to watch. These things are off-field issues and there are lots of on-field issues too, such as time wasting or bus parking by the opposition which can be boring to watch. Also, the victim card played by certain managers when anything goes wrong is not good to watch. Let's take a look at five such things which a normal football fan hates in the modern game:

#1 Diving and Simulation

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo taking a tumble against FC Barcelona

Diving has now gained the infamous tag of being the most deceitful act in football and is met with outrage by all rightfully. Diving or simulation is done to gain an unfair advantage by falling on the ground or feigning an injury. These acts are just exaggeration done by players to receive fouls in dangerous areas and cause bookings to the opposition.

Diving has been done on the biggest stage of football as in the World Cup by the greats of the game like Rivaldo in 2002 and Jurgen Klinsmann in 1990 in the final. Even one of the very best to play the game, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been guilty of taking a tumble too easily too many times in his career. Gareth Bale, Neymar and Arjen Robben are some of the other big name serial offenders and it is sad that players with such supreme talent resort to such wrong ways.

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