5 world-class footballers who are well educated

Frank Lampard apparently holds a degree in Latin
Frank Lampard apparently holds a degree in Latin
Ninad Singh

Education is important. Be it materialistic, or something as simple as playing football, one must have the right knowledge in order to execute a plan or simply decide on one. In the world of football not many coaches, clubs or managers really care about what a footballer has studied in school or in college, as the only thing that really matters is the consistent use of the talent that the world needs to see on the pitch.

A game is built by using the knowledge of this particular sport and probably nothing else, it is extremely important that a footballer is well aware of what he/she is doing.

But there are a few in this particular sport, who have done something that nobody must've considered. As mentioned earlier, the importance of a good education is unparalleled. Some of these world-class potentials that we all grew up watching, that have won our hearts on the pitch, have done something similar by earning a degree from a university.

A shocker indeed, these 5 extremely talented football players, and legends of the game, of course, have had their academics before they had football. Some of them will come as a surprise to all of us, as you'd never expect a box to box midfielder to have a degree in Business Management. The greatest question that pops up in our minds, "when did they get the time to complete their studies?" Well, for some, that time came after retirement, or before they made their breakthrough.

These are our 5 picks for some of the most academically qualified football players that we have today.

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