5 worst open-goal misses in football

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts after missing a goalscoring chanceIf you haven’t seen it yet, Napoli’s Jose Callejon shockingly missed an open-goal from one yard during a Serie A match. ONE YARD! It was harder to miss than score. But don’t worry, Mr. Callejon. You aren't the first footballer to miss an open goal from that kind of distance. Football history is replete with players who did the difficult part well - that is, getting the ball close to the net - and then completely messed up the easy part - scoring in an open net.On that note, here are the 5 worst open-goal misses of all time.

#1 Miroslav Klose proves he is human

Miroslav Klose’s career has been an astounding one. He doesn’t do a lot of things well, but he is very, very good at being in the right place at the right time to put away a goal from a tap-in.

In fact, his recent goal in the World Cup was scored from a distance of 16 yards – the farthest that he has scored from in all his goals for Germany! That means when Klose is in the box, and he gets the ball, there is no hope for defenders and the goalkeeper and a goal is as good as guaranteed.

Right? Well, no. Not on this occasion.

In a 2011 match between Bayern Munich and Stuttgart, Robben’s ball finds Klose, who does this...


#2 Fahad Khalfan doesn\'t want to use his right foot

It’s a common argument that professional footballers should be able to use both their feet. After all, they get paid millions to be able to do what most of us can only dream of. So why don’t they go the extra mile and play with BOTH feet?

That’s a question Fahad Khalfan must be asking himself. In a friendly game in 2010, Qatari international Khalfan catches a lucky break when the opposition goalkeeper decides to do an odd jump and completely forgets to collect the ball.

Khalfan is faced with an empty net, and from two yards out, does this...


#3 Kanu\'s teammates cannot believe he missed

Portsmouth striker Nwankwo Kanu is a popular figure amongst fans and players. Always playing with a smile on his face, the now-retired Nigerian had a stellar career as he scored goal after goal for various clubs.

So perhaps he can be forgiven for this miss in a match against Middlesborough in 2005. Standing at the back post, Kanu recieves a brilliant ball from the winger and proceeds to sky it over the goalpost.

Ok, so maybe he can’t be forgiven for this, after all.


#4 Noah Hickey doesn\'t want to score

New Zealand footballer Noah Hickey would have wanted fame, glory and fortune, as any other footballer on the planet. Unfortunately, Hickey is today remembered for all the wrong reasons.

In a match in 1997, the Kiwi is through on goal and proceeds to do a trick-shot goal.

In the end, he just tricks himself really. With the goal at his mercy, he proceeds to mess up his trick so bad, he misses from one inch away from the goal line!


#5 Cristiano Ronaldo is human afterall

Yes. THE Cristiano Ronaldo. Back when he was a human and playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo had his fair share of whoopsie-daisy moments.

One of them came in a match against Sheffield back in 2008. With a bit of trickery, Wayne Rooney puts Ryan Giggs through on goal, who spots an unmarked Ronaldo right in front of goal.

The ball goes straight to him and Ronaldo has an open goal in front of him, with the goalkeeper beaten. And then, this happens.

For shame, Ronaldo! For. Shame!


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