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6 (or 7) footballers and the non-football things they're most (in)famous for

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17 Sep 2016, 19:48 IST
Mario Balotelli house on fire
Mario Balotelli had his set house on fire trying to set off fireworks indoors (Image coutesty: The Mirror)

Footballers, believe it or not, are humans. They might exude the aura of immortal Gods, but at the end of the day, they are susceptible to mistakes like the rest of us. Some footballers learn from them, others don’t. 

Acts, however, keep echoing in eternity. What we do here always rings between the walls of the world and it keeps coming back at us as memories. Footballers have done some things in their life that they look back to regret. And here are 7 footballers who are known for non-footballing incidents...

#1 Mario Balotelli house on fire

“Why Always Me?” read the T-shirt on under his jersey. So many voices had criticized him ever since his move to Manchester City that he decided to take out his frustration after scoring against Manchester United.

However, this was just one of the many ‘ Balotelllisms’ that he did in his entire career.

We might have a server overload and eventual crash if we decide to make a list of outrageous things that Mario Balotelli did in his life. However, since we are allotted on so much space, we will list his most infamous incident.

It was this incident that prompted him to wear the undershirt that conveyed his message of why it is always him that gets the flake.

On the eve of the Manchester derby, Balotelli decided to do something incredible as he and some of his friends shot fireworks in his bathroom. The result? His home caught fire and firefighters had to blare in at 1 am in the morning to save the night.

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