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7 funniest banners in football

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20.21K   //    07 Jul 2017, 10:43 IST
Ferrari banner
Banners have always been a big part of the sporting spectacle

One of the perks of being a fan of sports is that we can take witty placards and banners with us during games. I remember going to a cricket match with a quirky banner with hopes that it will be caught by the cameraman and I will be on the TV – the only possible way for me to be on it.

However, it didn’t work as I wasn’t too appealing for the cameraman – to be fair to him, with a face like mine, I wouldn’t focus on me, either. But it’s not always the case as some banners do catch the attention of the cameras.

Football is a sport that is made more interesting with banter – and some fans use banners as a means to make it so. While some banners are disgusting and derogatory, others are hilarious and witty, like the seven banners listed here.

#7 Long Cox

Image result for we have long cox
This is brilliance 

This banner was so hilarious that I actually spent a good five minutes laughing when I first saw it. The Euro 2016 saw some great entertainment, but only a few could beat the Irish humour that the light-hearted people of Ireland displayed during that tournament.

While the Irish team didn’t have stars like Andrea Pirlo and Xavi Hernandez, they weren’t all too upset about it. In fact, they were proud because of only two players: Shane Long and Simon Cox.

In this hysterical banner, the Irish people were delighted by the fact that they have Long-Cox. Actually, replace the word ‘people’ with ‘men’. Not that Long-Cox could penetrate (make of it what you want) many defences, but it sounds like a decent attacking force (again, you are free to interpret what you want) of the fact that they have Long-Cox. .

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