An impossible dream: The night Bradford City shocked the world of football.

Bradford City rejoice after defeating Chelsea in 2015
Bradford City rejoice after defeating Chelsea in 2015
Luke Mills

The night Bradford City beat Chelsea back in 2015 was something no one could ever have imagined happening, ever.

It was a very cold late January evening, Bradford were ready to take 6,000 of their fans down to London. The conditions were difficult, but it had never stopped them in the past.

So, Stamford Bridge had the visitors' fair share of fans to make noise with frozen toes and red noses, already dreading the 200-mile-journey back home to West Yorkshire as heavy losers.

Expected onslaught

Game time came and just as expected, Chelsea were all over Bradford in the first 20 or so minutes and as expected, in the 21st minute Gary Cahill put the Blues ahead, and further to add insult to injury, 17 minutes later Ramires scored Chelsea's second.

It was starting to play out just as the millions of Chelsea fans around the world had expected it to, how the bookmakers had expected and unless you were the most optimistic person on earth, just how the 6,000 travelling Bradford city fans and the rest listening on the radio at home expecting it to.

The comeback

Then minutes later, Jonathan Stead scored a superb goal at the other end just before the half-time break! This had never been the part of the script.

The second half came. Bradford started to give back as good as they'd been getting in the first half and in the 75th minute, something incredible happened. Bradford winger Filipe Morias scored City's equaliser.

Filipe Morias delivered the ball into Stead who then laid the ball into the path of Andy Halliday on the edge of the box, and BOOM!

3-2! All of a sudden 6,000 Bradford City fans were bouncing up and down in excitement.

The Win

Then something happened, something that Bradford City fans will remember for the rest of their lives.

Mark Yeates brought the ball to the edge of the box, played it to Stead, he held it under the pressure of the defender, Yeates ran into the area, Stead played it back and what happened next, no one could even explain.

4-2 from 2-0 down against a team who's lowest-paid players' wage was worth more than City's most valuable player.

This match was talked about for the rest of the season, it was ranked number one in the list of top 50 FA Cup shocks. It was an honour to be a Bradford City fan again.

They weren't just the talk of the town, we were the talk of the country and maybe even the world. A feeling like this will probably never come again but my God, it was the most amazing 90 minutes of those 6000 lives.

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