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Lo and behold, there’s John Terry!

Why, John, why?

Why, John, why?

And so John Terry does it. Again. That glaring lack of dignity raises its ugly and rather ill-advised head. Again. Try as much as he can, he can’t stay out of the spotlight. He craves for it. If he doesn’t see himself in the news, he just does not find sitting on the bench fulfilling. Maybe it’s all because John Terry is an adrenaline junkie. One can’t explain the repeated indiscretions that have been a constant presence throughout his career. Littered with incidents that have raised eyebrows, Terry’s career could have been the story of a one club man, whose playing style and captaincy was cited by others. Instead, all that will ever be said will be his starring role in a  varied number of controversies. Boasting of a rap sheet that includes racial abuse allegations and extra marital affair allegations, among others, he is the epitome of all that can happen to a footballer if he isn’t careful about he goes about his business, both on and off the pitch. Luis Suarez must feel lucky when he thinks of the situations Terry gets himself into.

So John Terry is a flawed individual.Everyone is, in some way or the other. But he still manages to separate himself from the large group. A terrific defender, he reads the game well, and has a fearless outlook towards defending. He hurls himself into challenges and takes the lead in playing the ball out of the defense. A Chelsea product through and through, he rose through the levels to assume the responsibilities of captain for both club and country. But mentioning him in the same breath as Steven Gerrard as a captain who leads from the front, and is a role model to follow, both on the field and off of it, is a waste of time and energy.

And that is the point. Keeping all other issues aside, this new trophy-lifting habit that he has got himself into, is just embarrassing. Two years in a row, he has managed to upstage the rest of the Chelsea squad by getting onto the dias to lift the trophy. Of course, he didn’t play in either one of them. One year he was out suspended, for kneeing an opponent in the back, the next, he was out injured. Sadly enough, one of the other players who was out injured this year was Eden Hazard, the guy who kicked a ball boy. And he thought it fit to stay in his formal attire throughout the trophy presentation and ensuing celebrations. And yet it is the foreigners who disgrace the Premier league with their antics, right?

No harm, no foul. Andy Gray will still eulogize Terry by serenading him with shouts of  “Go on son, head it in” the next time Terry thumps a header into the goal. John Terry will still be talked about as a club legend at Chelsea, and an English icon for years to come. What’s the point of mentioning all this, you ask? Well, in a rather tumultuous season, Chelsea have done rather well to emerge with some face, and then John Terry strikes. Johnny Bravo would have been more subtle if he were in Terry’s shoes. And no, for what its worth, Wayne Rooney didn’t pull a Terry, he didn’t go lift the trophy before the team captain; and no, it was not a final. So, he is not a glory hound, not yet. And before the rant takes further course, let the humour come in.

Here is a compilation of a few of the best tweets and pictures following Terry’s guest appearances at Chelsea’s trophy lifting celebrations:

Opta Joke ‏@Opta_Joke

John Terry had spent £45 on a replica Benfica shirt as well just in case they won. Celebrations.

Josh Killner ‏@JoshKillner

We all know someone who contributes nothing to a group assignment, but still turns up to the presentation. That person is John Terry.

OptaJoke ‏@OptaJoke

1 – John Terry is the first man to hold the Europa League, Champions League, Ryder Cup, Superbowl & American presidency all at once. Parody.

Mick Johnson @MickJonno

Just seen John Terry coming out of Sports Direct, with a Dortmund kit and Bayern kit, ready for next weeks final. #FullKitWanker

Roy Cropper  @RoyCropperNOT

Haven’t seen John Terry change that quickly, since he heard Wayne Bridge walking upstairs!

sickipediabot  ‏ @sickipediabot

I bet John Terry is glad chelsea won, he would have looked out of place lifting the trophy with the Benfica lot.



What ? Me?

What ? Me?

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