Top 10 Under-21 Players in FIFA 14

If you are looking to build your squad from scratch in Manager Mode, looking for decent young players of age 21 or below is never a bad option as they cost less and grow more. So, for your convenience, heres a list of the 10 Best Under-21 players in FIFA 14.

#10 Mateo Kovacic

He plays for Inter and is a versatile misfielder who can be used as a CM of a CAM. His asset is his potential and the moment you buy this player, he starts growing.

Rating: 77Potential: 87-88Age: 21

#9 Romelo Lukaku

This highly rated Chelsea man is equally effective in FIFA. He is one of the few strikers with a high strength stat and will be instrumental in pushing defenders off the ball.

Rating: 77Potential: 86-87Age: 21

#8 Matija Nastasic

With good stats in Standing tackle, Sliding Tackle, Strength and Marking, he’s the best young CB in the game. And he grows faster than bamboo.

Rating: 77Potential: 86-87Age: 21

#7 Adam Maher

Exception ball control, good dribbling, vision and balance make him ideal as a CAM who’s sure to be a star in a couple of seasons.

Rating: 78Potential: 87Age: 21

#6 Juan Fernando Quintero

With all the stats required for a decent midfielder in the green zone and the advantage of not being very high-profile, Quintero makes for an ideal young and moderately priced CAM.

Rating: 78Potential: 86Age: 21

#5 Marquinhos

Though acquiring him from PSG can burn a hole in your wallet; once with you, he’s the best. He’s 20 and almost grows another 11 rating points the very next season. So if you’re looking for a young CB, he’s your guy. Besides, his stats in sliding tackle, standing tackle and marking, defy his age.

Rating: 78Potential: 89Age: 20

#4 Geoffrey Kondogbia

Excellent strength, standing tackle, stamina, interception and sliding tackle make him ideal as a CDM. His passing stats are also good enabling you to play him as a CM too.

Rating: 78Potential: 84-85Age: 21

#3 Paul Pogba

The Juventus’ rising star is a hot property in world football. With great passing and even better strength and defending stats, this guy can be played as a CDM and a CM. No sooner than you buy him, he’ll turn into a star.Rating: 79Potential: 89Age: 21

#2 Julian Draxler

He’s fine for a CAM, though he can be a tad expensive owing to his position and age. But if you play him regularly, you are sure to reap benefits.

Rating: 80Potential: 86Age: 21

#1 Raphael Varane

He starts for Madrid. That should speak volumes about him. He’s a no-nonsense defender with high stats in all crucial parts of defending like standing tackle, sliding tackle, marking and heading accuracy. Bottomline: just buy him.

Rating: 81Potential: 88-89Age: 21

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