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Champions League News: Cristiano Ronaldo faces potential ban

16 Mar 2019, 01:09 IST


Cristiano Ronaldo has been at the centre of attention in the football world for more or less his whole career. Even at the age of 34, eyes were glued on him as he produced another masterclass to take Juve to the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League.

As well as the three goals he scored being talked about by both fans and pundits, his celebration at the end of the match was also a talking point.

Ronaldo made a thrusting gesture towards the fans after Juventus had successfully defeated Atletico Madrid.

The intention of said gesture was clear to everyone who had witnessed Atletico Madrid manager and former Lazio player, Diego Simeone, make the identical gesture towards the Juventus fans in the first leg.

When Atletico scored against Juventus, deep in the first leg match, Diego Simeone made the same thrusting gesture, which was something that the Argentinian had done during his playing days.

Despite, the gesture being viewed as a humorous bit of banter by most, UEFA thought otherwise and slapped a financial fine of around £17,000

Simeone was given a monetary fine for making a similar gesture in the first leg
Simeone was given a monetary fine for making a similar gesture in the first leg

Juventus have drawn Ajax in their quarter final match, which is seen as a favourable tie for the Italian giants, compared to what other teams are left in the competition.

Nevertheless, after the Atletico match, the Spanish club have sent a formal complaint to UEFA about Ronaldo's gesture.


There are three scenarios which could come out of this, firstly, UEFA could merely give the Portuguese talisman a verbal warning.

Secondly, which is most likely, is that they will treat his incident as they did for Diego Simeone, and give him a financial penalty, as well as a stern telling off.

But thirdly, and most gravely, he could receive all of those punishments, as well as a match ban for the first leg of Juventus' quarter final tie against Ajax.

Whilst it is currently unknown how severe Ronaldo's punishment will be, it is hard to imagine it will be as severe as a match ban.

However, there is still potential for this to occur, and although Juventus would still go into the match as favourites, even without Ronaldo, they will undoubtedly be a much weaker force without the Portuguese legend.

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